Top 11 Best SEO YouTube Channels to Level Up Your SEO Game

SEO YouTube Channels

TechsPlace | When SEO-related content is posted on YouTube there’s an abundance of information to be found and it can become confusing at times. Additionally, a lot of the information is outdated at best and not reliable at the very worst.

This is the reason I chose to compile this list of the top SEO-related channels available on YouTube. No matter what degree of SEO knowledge the channels on YouTube will aid in improving your SEO game.

Let’s take a look.

Best YouTube Channels to Learn SEO:

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is among the most popular SEO tools available. Therefore, it’s not surprising the YouTube channel has the highest quality SEO-related content and online marketing.

No matter if you’re an SEO novice or an experienced SEO expert, there’s some information in this blog that connects with you and will help you improve your SEO as well as content marketing abilities.

While the majority of Hashtags for Youtube shorts create videos on YouTube but what makes Ahrefs apart from others is their consistency in providing helpful tutorials on crucial SEO as well as content marketing subjects.

This is why it’s one of the fastest-growing SEO channels on YouTube with more than 360,000 subscribers.

If you’re new to SEO You’ll find Ahref’s comprehensive SEO course extremely helpful since it covers the most important aspects of SEO which will assist you get your website in the search results of Google.

Experts in SEO and blogger training can look over their research and case studies to discover new ways to boost your site’s performance.

For instance, in this video about MacRumor’s linking strategy they dissect MacRumors’ $7.8 million dollar link-building strategy and three fundamental principles that could convert your content into a magnet for links.

If I had to recommend just one channel from this list of top Search Engine Optimization channels Ahrefs”channel” would be it.

  1. vidIQ

In terms of YouTube SEO, vidIQ is the gold standard for search engine optimization channels available on YouTube. VidIQ is a top YouTube marketing software that can help you discover hidden metrics in each.

YouTube video and also provides you with ideas for content to create your own YouTube video. Its YouTube channel functions as a part of its primary product and is among the most well-known marketing channels on YouTube.

If you’re running a newly created channel that is on YouTube and are seeking ways to expand your business amidst a crowded marketplace. The vidIQ YouTube channel is a treasure of case studies to aid you.

In getting more attention for your content on YouTube. If you’re new to YouTube it is possible to start with their tutorial about how to gain the initial hundred YouTube subscribers.

They also offer a weekly show known as “YouTube Channel Audits,” which reviews various YouTube channels, and offer advice and suggestions to assist creators in taking their channel to the next step.

  1. Semrush

I’ve been a huge fan of Semrush since the year 2015. In the past, I’ve tried a variety of SEO tools for my agency and on my blog, but no tool can compare to the features Semrush has to offer.

SEOs will be able to agree Semrush’s service is top-quality However, Semrush is unique by going beyond to offer in-depth tools for marketers. These include up-to-date blog postings, weekly webinars and a constantly updated YouTube channel.

The channel provides a fantastic collection of videos that provide you with everything from the fundamentals to SEO up to progressive ideas. No matter if you’re new in the field of SEO or if you’re an expert there’s bound to be something that will be useful in this channel.

You can also subscribe to Semrush Live, their channel of live events Semrush Live, for weekly webinars and online conferences.

  1. Income School

The channel was created in 2014 by internet businessmen Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler In 2014. The Income School  YouTube tags for views are focused on teaching SEO as well as blogging.

Digital marketing along with YouTube marketing. It’s a channel SEO newbies and professionals will enjoy.

I’ve been a huge fan of this channel since they published this great refutation of an SEO trick that was criticized by Neil Patel. This really made me reconsider several of those “expert SEO tips” that we rely on without conducting our own study.

If you’re a newbie to blogging, you’ll be interested in watching videos such as “Best vs Worst Blog Posts – The BIGGEST Differences” and “How to Write a Perfect Blog Post in One Hour.” You could also check out their webinar for the complete tutorial on blogging.

However, the channel doesn’t only provide SEO and blogging fundamentals. It also offers advanced SEO-related tutorials on subjects such as linking building Keyword research, link building, and WordPress SEO. You’ll also discover videos on how you can modify your content for the most recent Google algorithm changes.

  1. Ranking Academy

The name says it all this channel is focused on educating you on how to improve your ranking and more online exposure through search engines. It’s among the fastest-growing SEO channels on YouTube with more than 200,000 subscribers.

The channel is operated by Luc Durand, who has many years of knowledge in the field of online marketing and web development. His videos provide suggestions and tips for small-scale business owners and entrepreneurs in bootstrap positions who wish to boost their rankings and visibility on Google.

If you’re trying to improve local search engine optimization (SEO), enhance the quality of your Google My Business (GMB) listing, and get more exposure for your business Google Durand’s YouTube videos are a must-see.

  1. Google Search Central

Google Search Central YouTube channel is the official Google Search Central YouTube channel is a fantastic site to get sources and tips that will help you improve your Google search ranking and keep current on the latest news within Google Search.

The channel does not just provide SEO advice and tips however, it also has regular segments named #AskGooglebot where the Google Search Advocate John Mueller answers questions about SEO from Twitter users. There are also full episodes from Google’s own official SEO podcast called Search Off the Record.

  1. Craig Campbell

With more than 18 years of expertise, Craig Campbell is a well-known SEO expert with his headquarters in Glasgow. The channel he runs on YouTube is an excellent source for people of all levels of SEO expertise, with more than 100,000 subscribers, and offers tutorials, tips, advice and videos.

From answering urgent SEO queries on AI copywriting to SEO Black Hat to long-form videos about actionable SEO and link-building strategies Campbell’s channel is focused on providing the most comprehensive sources that are geared towards SEOs and bloggers as well as affiliate marketing.

  1. Moz

While not as effective as it used to be (just as Moz’s SEO software) The Moz YouTube channel still churns out useful videos periodically.

Since Rand Fishkin, the former mastermind behind Moz left the company he co-founded Moz, things haven’t ever been as good at Moz. The absence of Rand Fishkin is evident on their YouTube channel because the number of views has declined drastically. (Although there are some appearances in their video segments called Whiteboard Friday.)

In the end, Moz has a large collection of videos that are essential to watch for SEO novices and bloggers. The mentioned Whiteboard Friday segment still continues today and does a pretty good job of analyzing the changing marketing theories and trends.

  1. Nathan Gotch

If you’re in search of a channel devoted to SEO Nathan Gotch’s channel deserves to have a visit.

While Gotch is renowned for his outstanding SEO blog but his YouTube channel is gradually increasing in popularity due to his ability to break down complex SEO subjects in an easy to comprehend and digestible manner.

Gotch might not get as many followers as these SEO YouTubers listed on the list but his content is always educational and cover a wide range of SEO subjects.

His instructional video about how to master SEO is a must-watch video for SEO novices. However advanced SEOs will enjoy his videos on the most important Google ranking factors as well as the habits of SEO experts with a high level of expertise.

  1. Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity has a wealth of knowledge of SEO and has assisted thousands of people with businesses such as The Affiliate Lab, and The Search Initiative as well as his participation in the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

In his YouTube channel, Diggity shares easy-to-follow SEO strategies to improve the quality of your website’s organic traffic.

In addition to practical guidebooks on a range of SEO issues, you’ll get a variety of SEO case studies and real-world instances on the channel. For instance, in this online SEO study, you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial on how you can effectively increase the amount of traffic coming to your business.

  1. Channel Makers

This channel is devoted to improving the visibility of your channel on YouTube. The channel is managed by Nate Black, Channel Makers offers tried-and-tested methods to build increase the reach of your YouTube channel.

The videos of Nate are always thoroughly studied and contain actionable advice that you can apply to the channel you own. In the most watched video, Nate researched over a hundred channels in order to provide the most efficient method to earn 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube.

If you’re looking to boost the quality of your YouTube channels, signing up for Channel Makers is a must.


Final Thoughts

This concludes my list of top SEO-related channels available on YouTube. Follow these channels to enhance your SEO strategies and build up your SEO abilities.

If you’re in search of more tips on YouTube take a look at my list of the top marketing YouTube channels, and the 10 most popular YouTube channels for entrepreneurs.