Effective Guide to Using Domain Authority Checkers

domain authority checker

TechsPlace | We all may be equal under the eyes of the law but not all websites are equal to Google! Created by Moz (a provider of SEO tools), Domain Authority is a metric, basically a search engine which (in combination with other factors like content, meta tags, title tags, page title, backlinks, HTML, and responsiveness of websites) logarithmically boosts websites ability to rank in search engines on a scale from 1 to 100. It is a tremendously convenient metric for SEOs because they can evaluate the value of getting a link from a site based on its domain authority. DA is calculated by evaluating several elements, including linking root domains and a number of total links, into a single domain authority score. This calculated score by domain authority checker can be used for further evaluating your website’s position in the Google search engine for a better understanding of where your site is standing among all of your competitor’s websites.

What is a Domain Authority Checker?
Moz acts as the standard platform, and the DA checker tool authorizes an individual to check the actual ranking of a specific website. Talking about SEO tools; Domain authority checkers are old terms but in today’s digital marketing era many young bloggers are not aware of how they can check domain authority using these specially designed checkers. Also, how these checkers can be used to land one’s website under the category of the top most high-ranking Google websites!

How to check Domain Authority like a pro!
All you have to do is to just download the SEO toolbar and you are good to check domain authority in bulk! Moreover, there are a few more domain authority checkers as well as bulk authority checkers available online. You can always utilize them to check your website’s ranking from time to time. Just make sure to keep track of your and your competitor’s website to evaluate your improvements and pen down your weaknesses. Keep in mind that by improving your domain authority you are also effectively improving your website’s search engine ranking over time.

The ranking factors that will definitely have a maximum impact on your DA:

Where DA checkers help you improve your ranking it is also important to take into account other important facts that will maintain the quality of your website in the long term! The following are the most important techniques used by famous bloggers to maintain the high ranking of their websites:

  • Extending the expiry domain name duration:
    If your domain name’s duration is expected to expire in the following couple of months or by the end of the year, it is suggested that you extend its duration! It will only cost you a few dollars and trust us, it is worth it. This is not the strongest factor that helps you improve your domain ranking but it will definitely list you as a trusted website.
  • Earn maximum backlinks:
    Besides using a website authority checker, it is very important to create backlinks! Backlinks not only allow the improvement of your ranking but also help to maintain it. Nevertheless, you have to take into account that the backlinks you have either earned or bought consist of high-quality content. Otherwise, it may possibly damage your rankings in the SERPs.
  • Use quality over quantity strategy:
    Instead of focusing on the number of articles/posts on your website, focus on the quality of your content. It does not matter if you are posting thirty to forty articles a month if the content isn’t up to the mark. If the content is rich in quality then posting three articles a week is more than enough to improve your website’s ranking! In case you have fewer articles but more quality content on your website that’s perfectly alright because search engines prefer quality.
  • Maintain a strong internal link structure:
    Internal linking allows you to link an old or any previous page from your own website to another page. Bloggers cannot even imagine the amount of traffic they can increase on their websites just by using reasonable internal links. Having a strong internal link structure is definitely going to maintain your website’s healthy position. It is even worthwhile to go back and review your old content to make sure it has ample internal linking. Check domain authority once your internal link structure is good enough and your website will most probably explode with views if you start utilizing this strategy the right way.
  • Monitor and eliminate bad links:
    Where internal links can improve your ranking in the search engine drastically, they can also damage it if you keep on using irrelevant or unnecessary links on your website’s page. Linking your website’s “homepage” and “contact us” in your posts/articles all the time will definitely cost you big time! It will not only affect your ranking but also may lead to a decrease in your readers. So go through your website and remove any bad links you come across then and there.
  • Create a strong social media presence:
    Whether social media is a ranking factor or not is arguable, but it is unquestionably a ranking factor in the Google search engine ranking algorithm. Make sure your brand and your blogs have a presence on all major social media platforms to have a better chance at fetching more audience and traffic to your website!

However, Domain authority is not the only technique you can use to maintain or improve your ranking there are a number of other actionable steps available as well through which you can improve your domain authority. An increase in the ranking score would not happen overnight, but it will surely happen faster than you can imagine. All you have to do is focus on your domain authority checker consistency of providing quality content for your readers.

If you have never checked your website’s domain authority score/ranking, do not waste any more of your time! Search for a DA checker online right now take into account all the ranking details and begin improving your website’s position in the search engine!

Check domain authority and if your website’s ranking is lower than you expected, do not get upset! It is high time you follow all of the above-mentioned guidelines and tips and improve your score. This is definitely going to bring a healthy change in your website’s traffic and help you win more hearts with whatever your website is all about.