Don’t Underestimate The Power of Guest Posting- Effective Link Building Strategy

Link Building

TechsPlace | Guest posting & link building, in general, is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that gets overlooked, is often underestimated or is just simply unknown by far too many website owners. While proper on-site SEO (meta tags, copy optimization, internal linking, etc.) is crucial to a successful campaign, the off-site SEO should be given just as much attention.

More specifically, a strategy that is really quite simple to implement and produces noticeable results is guest posting.

For those who aren’t familiar with guest posting, essentially it’s writing an article for another website in your general niche with a link embedded in that article pointing back to your own website (read that twice if it sounds confusing).

This in return builds a natural and quality backlink which helps with the overall SEO of a website.

In this post, we will go over a few concrete reasons why every marketer and/or business owner (with a website) should adopt an on-going link building strategy for maximum exposure.

Let’s get right into it…

1.) Increase Search Engine Rankings

One of the main reasons why guest posting is so important is that it helps move the needle in terms of search engine rankings.

When you start building backlinks to your website, over-time Google will recognize this trend and see your site as relevant/more authoritative. This in return will result in more favorable search engine rankings.

For example. If you wanna rank your keywords Airtel Smartbytes ( How to check Airtel broadband usage) or Minecraft pocket edition, these guest posting is best.

Now it’s important to note that quality comes over quantity here. You’d rather build one solid backlink with a high domain authority compared to 1,000 spammy links that could get your website penalized.

The reason why guest posting is so powerful is that it is very natural in the eyes of Google and takes some work for the website owner to attain.

You can also get quite flexible in your strategy when it comes to guest posting. Instead of just inserting a link to your homepage for every guest post you write, you can add in different pages of your website for more diversity. Meaning you can target specific pages that may need a boost for a given keyword you’re trying to rank for.

Once you start gaining more traction and the authority of your website increases, the results can really be quite impressive. Nothing makes your website climb the rankings ladder better than building quality links through guest posting.

2.) Improve Your Overall Domain Authority

MOZ developed the Domain Authority (DA) metric which is really useful when it comes to monitoring your overall website ranking potential. The higher your domain authority, the better it will perform in the search results. The scale for this is 1-100. When you guest post (including a link back to your website) on other high domain authority websites, gradually your own domain authority will rise as well. This makes it easier for you to rank for various keywords you’re targeting and gives you a leg up on the competition.

Guest posting on the right websites can really do wonders in this area. It’s important not to track your domain authority daily as it really takes a little while for backlinks to be discovered and changes to be made. A more realistic approach would be to check in every one or two months to see if your link building efforts are paying off.

3.) Generate More Organic Traffic

Last but certainly not least, is that guest posting eventually brings in more organic traffic to your website. Who doesn’t love free Google traffic?

When your search engine rankings increase through guest posting, this will help you move up in position for specific keyword phrases. If your on-site SEO is sound and solid, you should start seeing some really good movement when you do link building for a couple of months. If you increase enough in position for any given keywords, this will ultimately lead to more organic traffic.

When done correctly, the improvement in organic traffic can really be substantial. This gives you more confidence in your guest posting abilities, which in return leads to building more backlinks. This type of strategy can really start compounding, especially if your keywords have a sufficient amount of search volume per month.

It also makes sense to point out that you will most likely generate traffic from variations of your keyword phrases as well. For example, say one of your keywords is “how to learn SEO”, you also may potentially rank for “how to implement SEO”, “learning SEO the right way” etc. When you understand the value that a simple strategy like guest posting provides, you will take full advantage.

In conclusion, it’s important that you go out and actually test the waters for yourself. Remember to be patient with this approach and stick to a game plan. Down the road, you may just be surprised how much progress you are truly making!

Have you had success with guest posting?