Improve Your SEO Performance to Rank Higher on Google

SEO Performance

TechsPlace | Did you know? More than 35% of product searches start on Google. If you have been trying to crack ways for your online content to reach the top of Google search rankings, then don’t wait anymore. Here are the SEO services that can make this possible. The simplest and only way to ensure that your website content features among the top search results is your SEO performance!

How can a user know that your web content even exists in a vast ocean of online content? Also, there are many articles, blogs, and written pieces worldwide, and how can your content reach the users who need it?

Users search content based on their needs. So one important aspect of pushing the web content is to ensure that it reaches the right seekers.

It is possible by using the right SEO services!

All the aforesaid questions can be answered through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. How effectively you write and arrange your content will determine:

1) Whether your web content gets picked up when a user searches with a keyword;

And, if it does get picked up, then,

2) What result page will get displayed by the search engine.

It’s the search engine ‘crawlers’ that go out and gather information across all online content. The gathered data is compiled into an index. For any online search, the query is matched to the index’s data, showing up on the result page.

As per an internet survey, more than 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day. (Internet Live Stats)


Important SEO Services You May Need

Here are SEO services you would need to make your web page content SEO friendly.

1. Using the right keywords

It is the key to unlock all the possible traffic for your website.

For effective SEO, you must plan to use the most suitable keyword (search word) more than once in the topic’s content.

These are usually the most commonly used search words or most published words for the topic. The more one uses keywords as tags, the more information containing them will show up.

Many SEO services especially provide tools to make this possible.

Pro tip – Always keep the list of focused keywords handy while writing blogs.

2. Building the right links

Other users or websites often embed links of other websites or individuals on their own pages to increase user interest. These Google backlinks make their own web page more credible. It’s as simple as your piece of information being spread across multiple channels. That gives your content a wide reach.

Similarly, internal linking (within your own site) is also essential. This is putting the most relevant and best content first. Organize the next best one after that, and so on.

Google can index sites better when it is linked to other places (links) on the web.

Linking means greater visibility and leads for you, with a greater reach.

Pro tip – Write a long-form blog and link the smaller sections to different blogs on the website. This approach gives more reach to all your blogs, like through one piece of content, you are making the reader click many other informative pieces in your ecosystem. Make the most of linking!

3. Using the right website structure (On-site parameters)

Grouping and organizing your content is extremely important. Users can then find it easy to navigate the page. And Google can rank your site better as it was indexed.

Structured content guides the search engine to find your content for the relevant search. This is working with schema, title, sub-headers, URL, etc., on your web page.

4. Updating content regularly

It takes months or, sometimes, more than a year for your content to become search-friendly. So the content may become outdated by the time it reaches its target audience.

That’s why content that is SEO friendly can reduce the time for it to become reachable. At the same time, older content can be made relevant by constantly updating it.

Pro tip – Include blog updates as a regular activity in your monthly content calendar.

5. Use the right visual content

Using charts, tables, infographics, and video links can engage the audience better. You can ensure content presence with appropriate tags.

In addition to content, images also are ranked separately. This adds to the chances of improving search ranking for your content.

Pro tip – Insert two to three images based on the length of the content. This increases the time spent on the blog and also enhances the blog searchability in the image search.


Popular SEO Service Tools

It is important to know where your SEO services performance stands.

Here are some of the free SEO service tools you cannot miss using to know your spot in Google rankings:

1) Google Analytics

2) Google Search Console

3) Keyword Hero

4) MozBar

5) Seobility

6) Answer The Public

7) Google Keyword Planner: To get keywords

8) Animalz Revive: For content revival

9) CanIRank

10) Exploding Topics


Evaluate Google Ranking And SEO Performance

Here are the parameters on which you can know your SEO Performance

1) Check the keywords that get you ranked. – The higher number of keywords you get ranked for, the better the performance

2) The more the number of backlinks you get, your site gets to stay robust

3) Higher the organic search (non-paid search results) traffic to your content, the better it is

4) The more time a user spends on your site or content, the better your ranking is

5) The number of clicks to your site (click-through-rate) indicates your SEO performance

These are just the popular measure parameters. There are many more standards to evaluate performance.


Check-list to present the content

A few things to keep in mind while creating any online content are:

1) Keep the content crisp and not keep long passages

2) Categorise content appropriately into sub-headers and paragraphs

3) Use a keyword planner and use them in the content

4) Use keywords in the title, introduction- and distribute across paragraphs well

5) Add tags to images such that it is searchable

6) Keep the URL readable

7) Add the most relevant links to the content

8) Use simple language

9) Have a good meta description and meta title (what gets displayed in search results)

10) Be clear about the target group and intention of the content


Check-list for SEO Health

Take care of a few points and SEO services, and you will be higher up on the Google rankings:

1) The quality of content should be consistently high

2) Including more guest write-ups or blogs is a sure-shot way to this

3) You should make the site as good as user friendly as possible

4) The general website loading speed also affects access to content

5) Regular SEO audits and checks are a must for a healthy ranking

It’s not just enough to know about SEO parameters. It’s also important to keep focussing on your core product or service. After all, that’s what the user is looking for.

Fine-tuning your website and content with suitable SEO services to make it SEO friendly, is the only way the user can know about it.

While your ranking may change on Google, let’s not forget that whatever you do, it is contributing to a richer and really meaningful world of information.