Most Important SEO Ranking Factors To Consider

SEO Ranking Factors

TechsPlace | There are more than 200 ranking factors that help the search engines in determining which site should be shown in the search results and how the sites should get ranked. If you are also willing to provide your site at the top position in the search engine result page, then it is important for you to optimize your online presence. The best fact about the ranking procedure is that not all the 200+ ranking factors are equal. Some are more important than others. If you plan your SEO strategy according to the major factors, then it will definitely impact your SEO ranking positively.

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The search engine and Google ranking algorithms get changed constantly. Some factors automatically become more or less important, and some factors get introduced or remove. It is important to be updated about all the trends that have been going on in the market. With the help of the SEO audit tool, it becomes easier to scan your site and ensure that you are using all the up-to-date SEO practices. In case you are not sure, then you can also hire the certified SEO professional, and they will help you in using the best practices to your website. Now, let’s take a look over the factors that can help you out in improving your SEO rankings and optimizing your online presence as well.

The Top SEO Ranking Factors in 2020

Security Of The Site

Site security is one of the major ranking factors to be considered. Yes, it refers to the usage of https encryption. The sites that are having https encryption have an SSL certificate that can easily create a secure connection between a website and the uses. Additionally, it works amazingly in adding an upper layer of security that protects the information that has been exchanged between the site as well as the user.


If the search engines are not able to find the site, then they will not rank it. That is why; site crawling is one of the major factors to be considered. It allows the search engines to scan the website and review the content that has been given. On the basis of the review, it is defined that what the page is about and how it should get ranked in ERP.

Mobile Friendliness

Nowadays, most of the users consider mobile phones instead of laptop and desktop for browsing the internet and going through the website or content. It is important for websites to create a mobile-friendly interface so that the user experience can get enhanced. It is also one of the major factors that affect the ranking of the sites.

Page loading speed

Another SEO ranking factor that is required to be considered is the page loading speed. If your page loads slowly, then it will definitely increase the chances of pounds rate, and that is not at all good for your ranking. In order to get a high ranking in SERP, it is necessary to take proper consideration of the loading speed of the pages.

User engagement

In order to determine the pages to be promoted in the searching rankings, the search engines look towards the users. It is necessary to consider how the users are interacting with the results and then determine which pages are better and more useful to the searches. There is an artificial tool that has been used for this task that is the RankBrain. There are three major factors that are considered, including the bounce rate, time on site, and the click-through rate that is the CTR.

High-Quality Content

Another amazing method through which you can easily boost up the engagement on your site and increase the ranking is providing high-quality content on your site. Content is always the king of the website. The search engines always want to get the best possible results. And that is the main reason they give top rankings to the sites that are providing well crafted, in-depth and well-researched content.

Write Target Keywords

Along with content creation, it is important to take proper consideration of the right strategies. By performing the keyword research, you can easily consider what keywords are required to be targeted and what topics are required to be covered. There are some factors that are required to be considered by you while working with the keywords like targeting the long-tail keywords, understanding the keyword search intent, targeting the terms with your site competitive range.

Structured Data

Another amazing method to tell the search engines that what your content is about is providing it in a structured manner. The structured data for the schema markup is actually the microdata that has been added to the background of the webpage, and it tells the search engines how to classify and interpret the content.

Hence, these are some of the important factors that you must consider if you are willing to enhance the ranking of your website. It plays an important role when it comes to increasing traffic and boosting up your rank in SERP.