Easy Ways on How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically

Gain Instagram Followers

TechsPlace | Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives and whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, people are always in a race to increase their followers be it for marketing or other purposes. These platforms are a very productive way of growing one’s business and doing marketing because of the sheer number of people using these platforms. Here we are going to tell you how marketers and business people can gain followers to expand their approach on Instagram.

Instagram is a popular social media platform where users share their views, photos, and videos regularly. It is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and thus, it can be used by marketers to expand their business by bringing more customers to their websites.

Some specific tips and tricks can be used to widen the approach of any business and gain more customers resulting in high profits. You can implement these tricks and make your business stand out on this platform by engaging with millions of users. Some of these tips and methods have been discussed in detail. You can also find some of these Instagram tips.


Growth Tactics to Gain Instagram Followers

This method does require some investment, but it exponentially widens your audience and can be particularly effective when ensuring a lifetime guarantee Instagram followers.


Using the bio is the key

The first thing that you can implement to gain followers on your Instagram page is to have an attractive and bright bio. You should use your bio link in the best possible way. Instagram provides only a single clickable link, so you make sure that is it utilized fully.

Many marketers simply put the link to their website as their bio link which may not be as attractive to the users as an offer page would be where you can lure your customers into getting a free e-book among other things. Also, make sure that your landing page is mobile-friendly as most of the users are using the platform on mobile devices.

Find the right time for posting

Like any other social media platform, posting at the right time is of utmost importance on Instagram. You need to make sure that you post at those times when you can generate the most traffic on your websites. To get a complete analysis of these statistics, you can make use of an online tool called Iconosquare. This tool will help you to provide statistics about your post history and provide you with the optimum time for posting to generate maximum traffic.

Post as frequently as possible

To keep your followers engaged on your Instagram page, you must post regularly so that they always expect more from you. Make sure you don’t spam their accounts with random posts because then the users can decide to unfollow you. If you are not always free to post, you can make use of online tools available quickly that can help you schedule your posts.


Always have a look for your competitor’s followers

Try to interact with your competitor’s followers as it might be an excellent way to gain fans from them. Make sure to follow them and like their posts. Following and liking will allow you to gain many followers, and in the process, your business will also profit because of the traffic it will get. But make sure you ethically do all of this. This process does take time and effort, but the results are a sure shot once you start getting the traffic on your page. Provide them with better services and they will choose you over your competitor.

Make sure to like and share posts in your niche

If you want others to like and follow you then first you have to like and follow the other posts in your niche. It not only makes you interact with the crowd, but you will also build a strong relationship with people in your group; thus, your brand will be known to a bigger audience.

You can follow other accounts and like their posts. Make sure to leave a brief and precise comment for maximum impact. Also, be sure that you should not spam anybody with your feedback.


Hashtags are your best weapon

Instagram is all about hashtags, and when you are looking to lure users onto your page, then you can effectively use them for more significant traffic. Make sure that you post eye-catching pictures and videos and have added appropriate hashtags to them for maximum impact. Using hashtags, especially trending ones, is a very effective way to make your content visible to a broader audience.

Do some research on which are the trendy hashtags at the given time and use them to gain more followers.


Make use of sponsor ads

To make a more significant impact on Instagram and to gain more followers, you need to invest a bit. Many marketers would feel that it is a waste of money, but it is going to be beneficial in the long run once you get to see the results if done appropriately.

You need to contact the more significant accounts and Instagram pages in your niche and ask them whether they are sponsoring ads for pages and what is the cost involved. This method does require some investment, but it exponentially widens your audience.


Your followers can help you gain more followers

You can ask your followers to tag other users on your posts. Your followers have their followers who might be following your competitors so by applying this method you engage a broader audience that includes followers from your competitors and your followers to have a look at your page thereby increasing traffic, and gaining more followers.

Create your hashtag

You can instead of using the trendy hashtags already available create your own hashtag and ask your followers to use that hashtag every time they post about your page or the products you sell. Creating your hashtag is another way of gaining followers as it will generate new hashtags created by you that are visible to the audience.

Make sure that the created hashtag is related to your business and is short and precise enough to provide maximum details.


Make your Instagram Page Public

Make sure that your Instagram account is public so that the new followers and audience can look at its content and have a detailed analysis of your account. Also, you need to share your Instagram account on your other social media channels as well to generate a greater audience on your page.


Socialize with your Instagram Community

To gain more followers, you need to interact with your followers and the people who like and comment on your posts. Make sure that you reply to every comment that is being made on your posts and also to comment on other posts. You should be very genuine about it and try to join an Instagram community to interact with a more massive crowd.