10 Best Windows Store Apps That You Should Download

Windows Store Apps

TechsPlace | Every device we own now has its own apps stores. Almost all of us use Windows laptops and PC but we don’t open Windows store and not explore apps available in the windows store.

Windows store not much popular as App Store or Play store but it some interesting apps that you can use on your laptop to maximize your experience and so much more work on your PC.

Let’s find out the 10 Best Windows Store apps:

1. SHARE.it

It’s been always a hassle to transfer files from your computer to your smartphone. The USB cables are not idle for transferring data because a small jerk can disconnect the USB connection which irritates me so much. SHARE.it is the best solution for wireless data transferring between smartphone and computer. It works faster than USB mode and does not get disconnects.

2. Instagram


Instagram is the most popular social networking now and you would not like to miss out your Instagram feed on your laptop. The Instagram app on windows is the same as on other platforms. You can check your feed and also upload stories from your computer.

3. VLC Media Player

Everyone uses VLC Media Player as their default media player on PC but this one is different. If you download VLC Media Player from Windows Store you can enjoy the minimal design of the app just like any other windows app and also you get a live tile to put on your start screen.

4. Messenger

FB Messenger

Messenger is one of the most used apps on the smartphone. Messenger allows you to connect with your friends and families anytime and give you a notification every time you get a message from someone just like in smartphone.

5. Flipboard

Flipboard is a personal magazine app which lets you select news and stories you like from various sources. It is the best way to catch up with all the things you like in one place. It will show you cover stories and you can tap them to go in more details.

6. Netflix


Who does not want to Netflix and chill? Netflix app can be very helpful if you don’t have a smart TV and plan to for binge-watching some movies or TV Series. Netflix is the currently best digital streaming service with ultra-HD shows and movies.

7. PicsArt – Photo Studio

PicsArt is the most liked photo editing app. It is so simple yet effective with tons of features. You can also make drawings and Collages in PicsArt. It has a very simple interface and awesome filters. Additionally, You can add stickers to your photos and stories to make them much cooler.

8. EverNote

EverNote lets you organize your notes personal and professional notes, to-dos and much more. It can seamlessly sync your all data along with all your device so you don’t have to reach to your phone every time you want to make a note or add a to-do.

9. LinkedIn


In this era of competition, it is been crucial to be up to date in the professional relationship and increase your professional contacts to get maximum exposure. LinkedIn is the best app for building professional relationships and get jobs according to your skills.

10. MusixMatch Lyrics and Media Player

MusixMatch is a music player with the built-in lyrics search engine. It provides lyrics of any song that you play on your laptop. Additionally, it is a beautiful music player too. Users can browse top lyrics by country and buy any music from the app itself.