The Advantages And Disadvantages of Yii Framework

Yii Framework

TechsPlace | If a developer decides to build structured, efficient and compliant web apps – that too in minimal time, then the best option is to opt for a framework for web application development. There are a diverse set of such PHP frameworks available in the web development marketplace. So much so, it often becomes difficult for the developers to choose from such a wide array of frameworks.

However, the developers must choose for a framework that make them highly productive and create the most efficient applications and web pages. If we talk in terms of the sheer statistics, Yii is the best framework that is available in the market now and Yii development companies are in the boom now.

Yii has its own benefits and this is the reason for which it assume the top spot among similar frameworks. In fact, Yii represents the next generation of the PHP frameworks.

First, Yii is a component-based, high-performance PHP framework for building some of the large-scale PHP applications. You can develop these applications with rapid development speed.

Second, the developers have been using PHP frameworks and Yii comes as an attempt to change the mindset of the developers with regards to such frameworks. Right from the point when Yii is installed in your system, it will automatically set the websites running in a fully functional way.

Moreover, Yii is supportive of a wide range of wizards for conducting common tasks such as CRUDing (creating, reading, updating and deleting). This is not something that we find in any other PHP frameworks.

In this post, we will provide you with some insights on the advantages and disadvantages of the Yii framework so as to help you in making an appropriate decision for adopting Yii for your business. First, let us explore the advantages.

The Advantages

The advantages for using Yii are:

  • Yii is an open-source platform and provides the developers with the fastest option for building large-scale web applications. It is seamless in nature and gives faster performance and the most suitable to create ecommerce frames, content and data management system and forums.
  • The developers have the ability to develop smart web applications because of the MVC(model-view-controller) architecture of this framework. The different libraries and packages of the frameworks are linked efficiently due to the uniquely designed Controller. Moreover, it enables the system to work as a single object and the entire system is modified simultaneously – with just tweaking the code. Furthermore, it segregates the database server from the user to create effective and cleaner web applications. Finally, it provides a  systematic approach to the process of application building.
  • It offers a set of highly intuitive and extensible tools for speedily generating code through features such as CRUD and form inputs.
  • Yii also comes with clean, elegant caching support which enables a smart web developer to create highly optimized web applications – on the fly. Yii makes a wise use of rendering optimized web apps – to provide similar user experience across a range of memory-intensive smart devices.
  • Yii is supportive of ActiveRecord for NoSQL and Relational databases and has query builder feature. It has smart and seamless caching system for Memcache, XCache, ABC and DB
  • Yii comes with efficient error handling and logging systems – to be filtered, categorized and routed to diverse destinations
  • It has theming and skinning mechanisms capable of switching the appearance of a website that is build with Yii
  • Yii is also accompanied with a wide variety of security measures which is capable of preventing your websites from attacks like SQL injection, cookie tampering, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and cross-site scripting (CSS)
  • We must also mention the larger community of developers supported by Yii – to  share their common problems and the suggestions. This establishes it as a powerful e-learning platform.
  • It allows third-party interfaces by merging different frameworks with it. The code from PEAR and Zend framework can be used in Yii.
  • If a developer yearns for systematic learning, Yii is the right framework – as it has detailed documentation as well as tutorial for every single method.

Next, we go to the disadvantages.

The Disadvantages

The disadvantages for Yii are:

  • The Ajax features are not well-drafted and require the help of JavaScript whenever needed.
  • It does not provide AR queries or building up of multiple relations.
  • The dependency on static methods is what make the developers to go against the framework.
  • It requires previous knowledge on PHP programming language and other add-ons. This at times make it difficult for the novice programmers to master this.


The advantages for Yii outnumber the disadvantages. In fact, the features like security against cyber-attacks, controller supporting, smart caching system and abundance of structures and themes are what entices the framework to the developers, fulfilling what they cherish in their dreams.