Best Features of LARAVEL for the Enterprise Industry in 2021


TechsPlace | When we choose a platform to develop our business enterprise solution, we also check for the other available options which can equally fulfil our demand like laravel.

There exist some of the factors that require to be checked once before we should choose a platform or framework and start working on it. And those pragmatic factors are –

  • The number of users using the same platform,
  • Its cost,
  • Performance,
  • Scalability,
  • Cross-platform susceptibility,
  • Custom configuration possibilities,
  • Dynamic features & provisions, etc.

Just to keep yourself away from this long process, or in the case you are facing a very short deadline to develop an enterprise solution, Laravel software development is one of the best options available for the same purpose. In the enterprise industry, Laravel has served more than a million solutions to date since its inception.

As far as the enterprise industry is concerned as a whole, it has too many options for website development.

But which one of them offers the best cost and smartest features, gets an entry into the list of competitors. Let us know why Laravel has become a suggestion in such a scenario and some facts about it which would justify the subject of this article.

Some Facts and knowledge: Laravel

  • From our credible knowledge sources, out of the top 1 million websites across the world, exponential growth in the graph of Laravel websites especially for the last decade has been observed.
  • Also, the websites at the top hundred thousand positions, the number of websites have doubled in the last 6 years approximately.

Moving on to some of the features that would prove it as a reliable option for IT professionals and enterprise solution development.

Best Features: LARAVEL: In 2021

  1. Automatic pagination

Just FYI; the process of automatic division of a document into pages is called pagination. Thus, Laravel has no more trouble overwriting the code anymore.

When it is about fetching more than one result from the database for output, automatic pagination splits the results into pages, which is desirable from the developer and testing point of view.

  1. Artisan CLI

Laravel comes out with an Artisan i.e. the name of a tool that helps a developer in not just reducing the manual tasks but in migrating the data as well. It accommodates in building the application, managing the database, and in overall, it refrains a coder to work from the scratch level.

  1. Libraries

With exponential growth in its user base, Laravel has produced its supporting library which is envisaged as a library with the most extensive features of all other frameworks.

Despite that, in Laravel, you can install the packages such that you never need to access javascript libraries for support. However, it possesses a basic library that helps a beginner in writing javascript code.

Bcrypt hashing, password resetting, and better encryption are some of the new features embedded into the latest version of Laravel.

  1. Database Management Support

When it comes to upgrading the existing software, laravel migration support allows you to perform that in a speedy manner without using SQL.

This feature is long-awaited here and is also considered as one of the most desirable ones of all time irrespective of any framework because the need for up-gradation is and will be there forever. And migration thus becomes necessary along with the already existing database.

Although things have changed post cloud services and about 70% and more of the enterprise industry players are already enjoying the cloud computing consulting services reto get free from keeping the data management headache over the hardware devices.

  1. Secure

CSRF or Cross-site request forgery protection is the one-click attack safety that is desirable for the websites to keep from unauthorized commands.

The significance of having CSRF over XSS or cross-site scripting is that the user keeps trusting over the website, and only the site would lose the trust from the browser itself.

Laravel comes with an in-built plug-in for CSRF and has a token verification method for every information to pass or exchange from the database. User retention becomes a valuable output of this protection and that really does matter at all.

There is no business if there is no user retention or trust over the product.

  1. MVC Architecture

Although, Php is known as the best supporter of MVC architecture and even you know what MVC architecture is included for.

What new that MVC has brought in conjunction with Laravel is brought to serve the developers is-

  • Earlier, it was not that easy or even completely not possible to develop or build cloud-based applications. Now, with MVC 6 architecture, it is possible to develop cloud-driven applications too.
  • Earlier, it used to come with just but now Laravel supports OWIN i.e. Open-source interface for .NET. Now decoupling of the applications with web servers becomes easy along with the smarter handling of requests and intelligent responses to and from the middleware.
  • Dependency has been an issue for every class and its objects. Now, in Laravel with MVC 6 update, we can add our own dependency container such that it can now manage the class objects from its addition to their configuration.

Earlier, the class dependencies were added that used to require a complex code. Dependency injection is a replacement for the same and is added meanwhile the process so that the dependency implementation can be accessed.

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Other Benefits

Laravel is quite under-rated in terms of output results and overall abilities. It is that, when a few only know something and even they can’t figure out the worth of it, it remains unidentified till then.

The laravel development service actually has a lot to serve the industry. The main issue with its user-base is its competitors. They are so many, that even with cheaper and efficient performance packages, why would anyone like to choose just a basic Php-based framework.

Without losing a heart and keeping the hopes high, Laravel has come out with an efficient update this time as explained some of the above. Along with additional benefits that are as follows:

  • Multi cache configurations are possible to create as well as set accordingly.
  • Mail service integration is now possible so as to keep the users and potential customers updated for the latest updates.


Laravel provides numerous features with flexible routing and despite providing self-building abilities, it is capable of handling different global environments. Test automation and support is something Laravel is famous for in the market. It is all about hiring laravel developers from an agile IT consulting company so that one could regularly consult and could keep an eye on the idea with regular eyesight over the idea transformed into a Laravel product ultimately.