Big Data and People Search: What Big Data Knows About You?

Big Data and People Search

TechsPlace | Even if your best friend doesn’t know a lot about you, but trust us, Big Data knows everything about you. Check relation between Big Data and People Search.


Well, here is a list of things Big Data knows about you that will shock you.

  1. Google, Yahoo, and all other search engines know what we are searching for with the help of Big Data.
  2. They even know your age from the list of your activities and based on your likes and dislikes.
  3. Facebook can predict if your relationship can last. Scary?
  4. Google knows if you are traveling somewhere.

But now, the questions arise: how does Big Data help us to know so much personal information about us? Even it can do a true person search with the help of people search engines like Radaris.

Big data is virtually everywhere whenever you are taking up your smartphone and walking, or eating something or even when you wake up and go to bed.

Smartphones gather all information about you when you touch them. Not only a smartphone but anything you connect and has a switch off and on a button can monitor your data. To get a good knowledge of the tools, students and professionals prefer to take up Hadoop Certification to learn practical aspects of Hadoop and its architecture.

How can Big Data track your food habit?

Smart refrigerators can monitor your food habit like eating what you are eating, how much alcohol you are consuming, and every necessity that is kept inside the fridge. Keeping track of all the information based on your activities, the smart refrigerator will tell if you are a junk food eater or a healthy person. Or even it can say if you consume too much alcohol or not.

Medicines can control information with Big Data

The first digital pill was approved in 2017 November by the FDA. When someone consumes this digital pill, it produces stomach acid, which sends a signal to the caregivers or the person to the smartphone. Thus, your medicines can even gather information about you using Big Data.

Credit and debit cards can even store your data

The use of a credit card and debit card can store information regarding your interests, such as whether you are going to the gym, or if you love concerts, or if you are pregnant. The uber-like app’s transaction data can determine if you usually start for office or leave the office.

Amazon’s bedroom camera for fashion

Recently, Amazon launched a bedroom camera that will know your dressing sense and likes and dislikes and will send offers and deals accordingly. Even the shape of your body will be measured so amazon can offer you perfect shape and size dresses.

Big Data is no doubt the next Big Thing in the era of technology. Almost 90% of the data that we saw in the past two years all are the reasons for Big Data.

Netflix and its predictions

Netflix is an excellent example of a large brand that uses big data analytics for target media exposure. The company collects huge data with over 100 million subscribers, which is the key to Netflix’s boosts in the industry. If you subscribe, you know how the next film you will watch is sent to you. This is essentially done by scanning and tracking data from your history. Such details give insight into what the user is most interested in.

Banking risk management

Singapore’s UOB Bank is an example of a company that uses big data to manage risks. There is a huge potential for loss if risk management is not well understood as a financial institution. A risk management system focused on Big Data has been recently tested by UOB bank. The big data risk management program helps the bank to reduce the time it takes to measure the risk factor. This took over 18 hours before the launch, but it takes only a few minutes for the risk management system, which uses big data. The bank will conduct real-time risk analysis in the near future with this initiative.

Amazon and Whole Foods

You may have read about Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. This shows well how big data can lead to creativity and product growth. In order to expand into a wide market, Amazon uses big data analytics. The data-driven logistics provides Amazon with the requisite resources to reach a higher value. Amazon’s focus on Big Data Analytics helps to understand how customers buy food and interact with food manufacturers. These data provide insights as soon as more improvements are needed.

Big Data a boon or a curse?

Steam powers, electrical energy, and computers- if you consider these three as the milestones of science and technology development, then Big Data is the next big thing for us that can help us and also be the cause of our peril in several aspects.

However, every good thing comes with some drawbacks. Big Data is no different. So being a human, the most intelligent species on this earth, we need to consider our brain to find out which one is good and which one is wrong.