Convert PST File to Excel File Format Without Outlook

convert pst file to excel

TechsPlace | The main objective of this post is to explain the simplest approach to convert PST file to Excel. As a result, if you’ve been looking for a solution to the same problem on a regular basis, you’ve come to the perfect place to solve it.


Why Should One Use Excel Files?

  1. Excel is a file format that is always providing users with new and improved features. Its main function is to make labor easier. Excel is the best file format for organizing, filtering, and managing data.
  2. If you have a big number of contacts with related information such as address and name in your PST files, Excel can help you organize them more effectively.
  3. Furthermore, unlike PST files, which must be opened with a suitable email client or another program, DOC files such as Excel are comparatively straightforward to open. As a result, exporting PST to CSV will provide you with instant access to your data.

Therefore, you must select and use Excel if you have the same need for the data in your PST files. And we offer the finest method for converting PST files to Excel for that. Consequently, have a peek.


Get the Most Effective Method to Convert PST File to Excel

You may create Excel files from your PST files by using the PST Converter Wizard, which is the route you should take. It is the most effective way because it not only exports PST to Excel but also makes data translation easier.

Now that you know that this tool can convert PST files to Excel, it’s essential to see how it works. As a result, we will take you to step by step through the process. So, have a look at it.


Step-by-step Instructions for Converting Outlook PST to Excel

  1. Install the PST to Excel converter after downloading it. Launch it after the installation is finished.
  2. Click Open first, then choose Files or Folders from the menu that appears.
  3. Drag the PST files you want to convert into the software by navigating to them.
  4. Following their display in the PST file to Excel converter, all of the files can be previewed.
  5. Select the CSV option from the drop-down box under the Export tab.
  6. Activate a few settings to boost output quality, then enter the final destination’s path and press the Save button to convert PST file to Excel.

What do you think of our recommended approach? Isn’t this the best and easiest method for exporting PST to Excel? There are other benefits of the instrument that you ought to be aware of in addition to the quick process. What are you waiting for, then? Check them out as well, if you like.


What Makes PST to Excel Converter the Best Option for You?

  1. It can convert PST files to Excel file format without using an Outlook email account.
  2. Without limitations, errors, or a lengthy process, bulk convert PST file to Excel.
  3. All of your PST-related emails and attachments are fully previewed.
  4. Provides the ability to search for certain emails or attachments.
  5. Let you indicate where you’d like the created files to be placed.
  6. You can also view your PST-related emails in raw and hex formats.


In Conclusion

Following our advice, exporting PST to Excel has become considerably simpler. Regardless of their size, the PST file to Excel converter will convert your files in a matter of seconds. It offers you a number of functionalities that you may use for a variety of purposes and is highly effective. You must therefore use a PST file to Excel converter for simple data export and a secure journey.