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TechsPlace | Lotus Notes is a standard email platform but it is losing its popularity due to various reasons and that’s why users are converting their emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. But users are unable to find out the right solution to resolve the problem of how to convert emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. No need to worry, I will help out to find out the possible solution to export the mail folder Lotus Notes to Outlook. However, conversion of data from one email platform to another is a difficult task to do. Also, it takes a lot of time, data conflicts, complexity in conversion, and time-factor are all the negative points that create a critical problem at every stage.

There are two solutions is available on how to export all emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook i.e. Free Method called as manual method & simplified solution called a professional technique that comes with NSF to PST Converter. In this article, I will describe both solutions briefly, for more information you can take a step to read out this article which is given below.


Why does the User want to Export Mail Folder Lotus Notes to Outlook?

  • Outlook is an excellent application that gives offline access to mailboxes to users with offline folders.
  • Outlook email platform provides ever best safety and security features to manage the database.
  • Outlook comes with a user-friendly interface which is the best feature to access this application by any user.
  • With the Outlook application, users can simply share data from one another.
  • This Outlook application also allows and works with the multiple accounts’ performance simultaneously.


How to Export all Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook Manually?

There is n number of users who are looking for a free solution to resolve the problem of how to export all emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. That’s why I am describing your manual solution. This manual technique is divided into two parts i.e.

  1. Export Lotus Notes emails into CSV format
  2. Convert CSV file into Outlook PST format

I will not suggest you try this solution because it comes with lots of disadvantages which are mentioned below:

  • This method includes so many steps.
  • It is a too lengthy and time-consuming procedure
  • Maximum chances of data loss.
  • So much technical knowledge is required. A non-technical person definitely faces a lot of problems following the steps of a manual solution.
  • These steps fail to convert password-protected emails.


How to Export Multiple Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook using Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter?

Considering the above problem of manual method, here we come with Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter which is the advanced utility for users to export the mail folder Lotus Notes to Outlook with attachments and formatting. This software offers various benefits for users’ comforts such as batch functionality, preview facility, and so on. The batch function supports you to export multiple emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook in a single round.

On another side, the preview function helps you to take a preview of any email before initializing the conversion process. Moreover, it gives PST split option for dividing PST files into different sizes. Also, it is the power-pack solution that supports converting all items from Lotus Notes to Outlook like- contacts, calendars, tasks, to-do lists, and many more. Lotus Notes installation is a must to regulate the complete process. All Lotus Notes and Outlook editions are well-supportable to access the complete software without any trouble.


Easy Procedure to Move Lotus Notes to Outlook

  • First, simply launch and open Lotus Notes Converter on your PC.
  • After that insert NSF files/folder by utilizing the options of Add Files/Folder.
  • In this step, you can avail a Preview facility to click on a particular message.
  • After taking a preview, press on the Export tab and choose PST output format from the different options. Then, avail split option of PST files & saving emails in a separate folder.
  • At last, choose the location path for PST files by utilizing a Browse button and then go with the Convert tab to begin the conversion process.
  • Finally, the process is start and will be finished within two or three minutes. After completing the process you will get a confirmation status of successful conversion. So, click on OK ad check your PST files at their place.


Last Words

This article includes two methods which we had discussed above to export the mail folder Lotus Notes to Outlook. But according to me, you should go with the second solution i.e. Lotus Notes Converter because it gives a free demo facility that helps you to evaluate the complete software before purchasing and you can convert 20 items free from Lotus Notes to Outlook without alteration of any file.