Latest Trends of Internet of Things in 2019

Internet of Things

TechsPlace | People always want to do the tasks or work in an easy manner. The same situation happens from past to present. New technologies or software are introducing into the market every year. These advanced technologies are helping a lot to the people to do the tasks in a simple manner. One of the most popular and advanced technology is the Internet of Things.

Most of the people in the modern era know about the Internet of things. Let’s discuss deeply the Internet of things. In our daily life, we are utilizing a lot of devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches & any other electronic devices. Internet of things is defined as a network of devices which is connected via the internet.

Many studies reveal that the number of devices is enhancing day to day and becomes a part of the network. So demand is increasing for the Internet of Things and it becomes a crucial part of our life. It can do amazing things with less effort. Normal people who don’t have technical knowledge cannot understand the power of the Internet of things.

It has a lot of opportunities and most of the companies or entrepreneurs are trying to utilize the resources of the Internet of things and wants to succeed in their business.

Here are the latest trends on the Internet of Things

  1. Welcoming 5G

The Internet is the main cause for so many changes in our life starting from 2G network to 4G network. In India, 4G is the highest one used but in other countries, the network is beyond 4G. Soon 5G Will introduce and everyone is looking for a 5G network and it will cause tremendous changes in the technology world.

  1. Enterprises are going to be smart

After the introduction of the IOT, homes become smart. In the same way, enterprises also become smart as well. It enhances year by year. Cost of the manufacturing is minimizing to the enterprises. It enables the engineers to know about the data and the activities going on the factory form their office desk. It happens with the integration of IoT with Artificial intelligence.

  1. Usage of Clouds in the Internet of things

The popularity of cloud solutions for IoT devices in increasing. Microsoft Azure and Amazons AWS are the best clouds and the top choice for  IoT products development. As per the demand of release of new IoT devices, these two popular companies are providing better infrastructure and accessibility.

Microsoft announced that there is a possibility of secure communication between devices and the cloud with their New Azure IoT Central Platform. The important thing is the software plug and plays solution for combining IoT firmware and Cloud. It is filled by the Microsoft Azure platform. Microsoft continually supports for the future of IoT.

  1. Edge Computing

Devices are enhancing and becoming more powerful and allow for local data processing and Artificial intelligence Capabilities. So no need to depends on the cloud and minimize the data transfer volumes. Business gets more agility and flexibility. Industries which are required urgent action based on complex real-time data analysis, edge computing will change and where cloud computing is controlled.

  1. Digital Twin Technology

Smart manufacturing is advancing year by year and it is predicted that it will enhance in an exponential rate. Manufacturing in an efficient manner and less risk, more profit is only possible through Iot and it plays an important role in manufacturing.

Digital twin technology is another thing that is getting more demand. It helps the companies to know the details of how their IoT devices are interacting with the manufacturing process.

This provides intense businesses insight into how the life cycle of their machines works and enables them to forecast the changes that may be required ahead of time. According to a Gartner survey, 48% of smart manufacturing adopters have obtained plans to make use of the digital twin’s concept.

  1. Ethical and Legal Concerns

Till now cybersecurity is not fully developed. So there is less secure for the latest innovations introduced recently. The most affair considers in this area is software and data thefts.

So many countries are introducing strict rules for acquiring cybersecurity Unethical use of data is protected by these strict rules. Social issues also play a major role in the internet of things devices along with legal matters. Privacy of the customer must be controlled legally. If vulnerabilities are not constrained in time, it will cause severe problems.

  1. Smart Stores

Stores are becoming smarter after the introduction of IoT when compare to olden days. Essential insights of stock inventory are easily provided through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Cards. You can easily know the information about how much time a customer is interacting with products on the shelves. Popular company GE is providing this opportunity. Based on the collected data retailers do significant changes for their stores.

  1. Low Power Wide Area Network:

Improvements in LPWAN technology contribute even more functionality for IoT devices. The notably low power usage and large active range of LPWAN make it an excellent solvent from small devices that require a high working lifespan in remote locations. Any device that can work with the low-frequency rate of LPWAN, like small sensors, can see strong integration with LPWAN connectivity.

  1. Voice Enabled Internet of Things

As per the recent studies, there is huge growth for voice-enabled assistants. Products that utilize these systems like  Amazon’s Echo Dot utilizing Alexa—are likely to be a driving force for smart home growth, with voice-assistant management on track to reach nearly 300M devices sold by 2023. Alexa integration extends to control the US market, Famous Company Google also competing with Google Home and currently it is heading outside the US, dispensing solid potential for further development.

These voice-assistant things have other applications as well. Extending beyond the home market, voice-assistant technology has utilization in the industrial sector, utilizing hands-free control to quickly trace processes and reduce the costs of maintenance and management. This kind of combination with the industrial IoT gives businesses an easy-to-use system of communication among devices and their end users.

Conclusion: I hope you get a lot of knowledge about the latest trends in the Internet of Things. Even more, innovation things will come in the future from IoT. Companies or Big organizations will soon get more advanced features and facilities provided by IoT for simplifying their complex business.