Things You Must Know About Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365

TechsPlace | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management program by Microsoft. It is a one-stop solution for overlooking all your business operations, and it also has the capability of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource management (ERM).

Customer relationship management allows you to deliver better customer service. It is a cloud-based program; all the data of your business is stored in a secure location up in the cloud, which allows flexibility and remote access of your files and folders. The program also successfully interacts and integrates with other Microsoft tools such as office and analytical tools.

Finance Management

Business central comes with financial management tools that allow efficient tracking of ledgers, vendor maintenance, and financial statements. Do more with D365 and stay ahead of the game, access financial information regarding your business in real-time, and make better financial decisions. Some of the capabilities of Business Central are account scheduling, sophisticated business analysis, bank account management, electronic payment, asset and insurance management, and payment handling.

Supply Chain

Business Central allows effective management of the supply chain. For a business, it must keep its operations and functions running smoothly, whether it is the creation of invoices, filtering vendors, and managing payments or maintain inventory; everything needs to be running effectively. Business central streamlines these processes and brings everything under one interface so that users can deliver productive results.

Business Central also has a warehouse feature that enables purchasing and forwards requests quickly from one system to another. It can be done from any mobile device, whether it’s android or windows. The program also tracks all of your products with bar codes, making product descriptions and inventory easily accessible in real-time.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM or customer relationship management is a tool designed to collect information from customers and provide better services. Business Central allows you to track customer information and positively communicate and interact with them to provide better and efficient sales on products. It can also allow you to narrow your marketing to specific customers. The CRM capability of Business Central allows you to store information of the customer that also includes analysis of customer behaviour and customer satisfaction.

Service and Project Management

Business Central has service and project management tools that enable you to track the processing of services and dispatches. It also allows tracking of inventory, company resources, employees, equipment, and the tasks and activities of the business, which allows effective coordination among employees with the larger business structure.


As mentioned already, it allows you to maintain inventory and automates production according to the inventory levels and demand. Business Central allows a simplified solution to a complex business structure and its operations and management. Thus, it allows you to make better business decisions.

Advantages of such software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central and similar tools are devised to help you automate your business and its operations with ease. Many reasons are owing to which you must go for software like this:

  • Automation: As mentioned umpteen times, Business Central helps businesses automate smoothly. With the right software, organizations actually become organized. This automation allows the workers and strategy makers to make better use of their working hours.
  • Efficiency: When routine tasks automate, you get time to focus on things of more importance. Therefore, you can utilize your time in a better manner. Tools like Business Central are made for this very purpose only.
  • Because of its web-based interface, it allows its users remote access as they can use it on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. No matter where you or your employees are, Business Central will always be with you.
  • Microsoft pushes out new features and functionality in major and minor updates twice a year, and these features can be leveraged for unlocking new capabilities that can increase the performance of your business.
  • If you experience any issues with Business Central services, Microsoft has a global response team that will respond to you within an hour, which is faster than many other enterprise resource planning applications in the market.
  • Business Central allows control over users and functionality, where you can update users and remove them in real-time; you have the control to decide who has access to Business Central.

So, as we see, there is no end to what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can bring to your organization. It would be best if you prepared yourself to enroute the path of growth and efficiency with this software. Begin right now.