Is It Right to Track My Child’s Phone Using Kid Tracker App?

Kid Tracker App

TechsPlace | At times, we hear parents worried about their kids’ academic performance. They are aware of the root cause; hence, the same question is heard over and over again- “how to track my child’s phone without them knowing with Kid Tracker App?”

Some parents have resorted to kid tracker apps yet it’s relatively challenging to get rid of the problem without understanding if tracking of child’s phone is right or wrong.

Why track the child’s phone in today’s digital scenario?

As parents, we all worry about our kids. It is a natural tendency which is beyond any arguments. However, apps and software’s are not parenting, yet the need is highly recognized today.

Digitization has many positive aspects. It has transcended the educational platforms and made academic resources cheaper and more accessible.

There is a sea of information to choose from on the internet. Both kids and parents are overwhelmed with the data at the doorstep.  But on the downside, the data is not being used correctly.

Misuse of data is connected to the unfiltered content and impact of peers. In the influence of friends and schoolmates, a child’s mind gets diverted to undesirable content like adult movies, porno videos, and chatting portals.

Blaming kids for such activities is not a wise idea. It is their immaturity and lack of experience that causes these distractions.

Considering there is no alternative to safeguard kid’s academic performance, it is essential to leverage the benefits of a tracking app and understand the reasons for distraction.

Another advantage of kids GPS tracker is the availability of location. If you suspect your kid is bunking classes, you can easily track his/her whereabouts and get to the bottom of the matter.

So, before we plunge into the ways to track kids’ phone using the Bit Guardian Parental Control, it is firstly important to understand whether tracking a child’s phone is right or wrong.

Is tracking my child’s phone ethical?

Cloud of doubts and a layer of guilt start forming at the thought of tracking kid’s phone activities.

Keeping yourself in their shoes, it feels like an intrusion in your private space. Isn’t it? But is that the case with children?

While parents and adults have the maturity to segregate right from wrong and make calculative judgments, children, on the other hand, are weak and highly indecisive in their choices.

As a result, they end up making wrong decisions with harmful consequences. For example – clicking on unknown links in their mailbox.

So, the final verdict is- tracking kids’ phone may or may not be ethical, but it is the best way to keep them safe.

What are the advantages of tracking kids’ phone?

Here are 5 advantages of tracking your child’s phone:

  •   Best way to know your kid

Extroverts quickly open up and publish their life like an open book. However, if your kid is an introvert and spends a large chunk of time on their cell phones, then guess what, tracking is the opportunity to know them in and out. Phone activities speak about individuals’ likes and dislikes and current mental status.

  •   Avoid issues like cyberbullying

Online chat portals and multi-mode gaming platforms permit strangers to come in contact with children, also paving the path for cybercriminals like cyberbullies, stalkers, online predators, and many other goons.

  •   Understand the reason for kid’s bad mood

One of the easiest and, the smartest way to understand your kid’s lousy face is their cell phone activities. If you keenly notice their actions on the phone, you will definitely see a change in their attitude on a rainy day. Either they will completely withdraw themselves from gadgets or stay glued to them unusually desperate manner.

  •   Track their whereabouts

GPS enables tracking technology has benefited parents more than anyone we know. Knowing your kid’s position while seating in a day-long meeting is an achievement in itself.

  •   Understand their time management

One essential issue we observe with kids is their diversion into cell phone activities during study time. Also, digital gadgets eat up the time spent on sports. Tracking will help parents understanding which areas are getting compromised due to smartphone use.

How can I track my child’s phone?

Image: Bit Guardian Parental Control is an all-rounder- offering both tracking and restricting features to safeguard kids’ phone activities.

Without second thoughts, take advantage of the Bit Guardian parental control app features which bring an array of functionalities for parental control and tracking kids’ activities.

This easy-to-use app has everything you wished to combat kids’ smartphone addiction. Not only do you get to view the list of apps and call contacts, but you get the power to block them.

Besides viewing activities, GPS enabled Location finder, Geo-fencing, and Over-speed alert offer brilliant ways to track your child. So, without waiting a day more, and pondering why track my child’s phone, install the Parental Control app.