What Are Some Common Mac Issues You Might Encounter?

TechsPlace | Macbooks are quite reliable, and you should not go wrong by purchasing this computer. A sleek design, a plethora of available applications, great performance, and other advantages make Macs quite popular. But there some common Mac issues you might encounter.

Nevertheless, despite all these advantages, you should not expect a Macbook to run without any issues. Sooner or later, you will encounter performance problems with some common Mac issues. And knowing what you can expect will give you an advantage in fixing the problem and moving on with your day.

The list of common Mac issues below should give you some neat information. Read it and memorize the suggestions so that you can take proper care of your Macbook.

Issue #1 – Unresponsive Third-Party Peripherals

You may encounter some problems with third-party peripherals, particularly when they have a wireless connection. For example, your printer is unresponsive, or one airpod not working the way it should. Sometimes, Bluetooth is not enough to ensure a proper connection.

As a rule of thumb, restarting the computer is the first thing to try. If that does not help, check whether the Macbook has the latest drivers. You may have missed them or forgot to install the latest OS update.

Issue #2 – Poor Internet Connection

A poor internet connection is similar to a third-party peripheral problem. Besides restarting the Macbook and reconnecting to a network, you could also get in touch with your ISP and ask whether everything is okay on their end.

Another possible cause could be third-party peripherals that are interfering with the connection. A microwave oven is one of the examples.

If you do not have an ethernet cable and rely on Wi-Fi, try getting the Macbook closer to your router. Doing so could solve the problem.

Issue #3 – Lack of Drive Space

Lacking drive space in your computer should not be a common issue. However, some people tend to hoard files and do not realize how much of a problem having only a few free gigabytes on the disk is.

Solid-state drives are replacing hard drives. The change is great for the overall performance, but SSDs have less storage available than HDDs.

It would be best if you tried to have at least 10 to 15 percent of free storage space on your hard drive or solid-state drive. Otherwise, even a new Macbook will struggle to operate optimally.

Issue #4 – Loud Fan Noise and Overheating

Do you hear a loud noise coming from the internal fans? Or maybe the Macbook is overheating? If that is the case, do not wait and take some action. Otherwise, you are putting the computer’s hardware at risk.

Cleaning the filth inside is one of the best ways to manage the situation. Simultaneously, not everyone is confident in themselves to take a laptop apart and clean the inside. If you feel the same, take your Mac to a local computer service store and let the professionals clean the dust inside. Even if it costs money, you will avoid taking risks.

Besides cleaning the filth inside the Macbook regularly, you should also consider getting a cooling pad. For its price, the accessory provides another source of cool air, which helps maintain the computer’s temperature.

Issue #5 – Flickering Screen

A flickering screen can escalate to the point when it becomes too challenging to use the Macbook efficiently.

The problem is usually the result of incompatibility between the GPU and operating system. If the Macbook’s screen began to flicker after you updated the OS, switch back to the previous version and wait for a hotfix. And if that does not help, you will likely need to take the Mac to a computer service store.

Issue #6 – Spinning Beach Ball

A spinning beach ball is another problem that can snowball if you are not careful. A slow system is what causes the spinning beach ball to appear.

If you have a cluttered desktop, malware, too many startup items, or not enough drive space, do not be surprised when you encounter a spinning beach ball.

Once again, restarting the Macbook is the quickest solution, though it is temporary. You do not want to restart the computer every time a spinning beach ball appears.

Try your best to improve the computer’s performance in general. Declutter the desktop, quit unnecessary background apps, and make sure that there is enough free space on the hard drive or solid-state drive.

Issue #7 – Poor Battery Lifespan

A poor battery lifespan can become quite annoying. Having a charger plugged in all the time is not healthy for the computer.

You may have too many apps running simultaneously. Or maybe there are too many visual effects that you have enabled? Malware and viruses could also be the cause, so be sure to scan the system regularly and have reliable antivirus software running in the background when the Macbook is turned on.