Why Best To Choose NodeJS For Your Next Web Application Development Project

Web Application Development

TechsPlace | NodeJS is the best choice for web application development because it offers more functionalities than any other platform. As far as the business point of view is concerned, this platform can indulge in the real-time application and cross-platform runtime environment. The javascript support helps in attracting a lot of developers toward NodeJS for web app development. Additionally, there are several features that it offers, which makes it even more convenient.

Reasons Why You Should Choose NodeJS For Your Next Web Development Project

  • It Is A Fast-Paced Framework

This framework is swift as it is powered with V8 engines by Google. It compiles the JavaScript code into the native machine and makes it run very fast in comparison to other web development services. This the reason why all the enterprises hire more Nodejs developers in this day and age world wide. They have the skillset to improve the speed of the company’s web development projects. One of the finest and living example is Paypal. They reduced their response time by 35% at the hand of Node.js as their framework for website development services.

  • Capable Of Developing Good Real-Time Web Apps

This is the time when gradually more Real-Time applications are being developed. It is paramount to practice a framework that streamlines the process and allows the developers to create quality concurrent web applications. There are games and messenger applications that can be made smoothly with rapid and efficient lineaments of this framework. It uses Javascript as its serverside and clientside scripting language that increases the quality and makes it easy for the developers too. A PWA Development Company can get benefitted from this framework a lot.

  • Increases Productivity

Node.Js developers can improve the yield of the development project on the grounds of its features and libraries. It permits the developers to write codes fluently and use a single scripting language for both client and server-side. There are noticeably more tools that come with it that enhance the work rate of the web development project.

  • Single Code-Base

This framework allows the developers to use a single scripting language or code base for writing codes for both server and client-side of the web development project. This is one of the setbacks that is even faced by the best web development company. Some frameworks require different languages for both server and client-side. Either the companies need to find developers who are competent in more than one scripting language or they need to find two types of developers for a single project.

  • Data Streaming Feature

The framework must allow exceptional  I/O handling facilities for the web development project. This is strenuous with other web development frameworks. Node.js makes this unproblematic as it allows the users to transcode the media files while they are uploading.

  • Allows Easy Sharing

With Node.js it is easy to share NPM by divulging it. This is also the major reason why any best web development company aspires to use this framework. It is toilsome to share anything while using another framework. Companies are completely aware of the fact that this will accelerate their projects. Many developers also use this feature to effortlessly share things while working on the same project.

  • Efficiently Utilizes JavaScript Skills

Most of the web developers know how to write JavaScript codes and they can exploit even the smallest prowess of JavaScript with Node.js.This framework is already based on JavaSript and hence it is comparatively easy for JavaScript developers. The features allow JS developers to create the preeminent in their dimensions with this framework.

  • Can Be Used For Proxy Server

This is an advantageous functionality of Node JS. It can be leveraged for plenty of intermediary administrations while contrasting the reaction time. It only requires 20 lines of code to use Node JS as a proxy server. It can be used for streaming information from a variety of prominent sources.

  • SEO Friendly

SEO has become an inseparable part of web application development. No company wants to mislay in this SEO game. The backend rendering provided by NodeJS gives higher visibility to the website. This happens due to better optimization of React Projects by search engines. Node JS has a high-speed and top-notch performance that works in the betterment of SEO prospects along with quality user experience.

  • Strong Community Support

Node JS firmly lays claim to the support of a comprehensive library. This platform was initially established and matured by Facebook that gave it a kickstart to gain 1000+ independent contributors. NodeJS has dense community support ascribed to its dynamic presence in the technical world. It has gained corporate substructure too. This results in greater reliability to use the latest available technology.

  • Easy Deployment

The web applications that are developed with this framework can be deployed skilfully with this framework. It is clear-cut to complete and test all the parts of the web application with this framework. For a PWA Development company, this framework can be fruitful. Many tools speed up the process of finalizing the application for deployment.


Node.Js is one of the golden frameworks for web development on Earth. The reasons why any enterprise or web development company should choose it as their main web development framework are mentioned above and are valid enough to change the perception. This framework is developed and maintained by Google, and its ceaselessly burgeoning community is making sure that it keeps improving.

A dedicated community can do wonders for any programming language. Java and JavaScript are two considerable examples that have sustained and improved a lot. Javascript, as it’s a prime scripting language, makes this framework gain a tremendous amount of popularity, and it also makes it superior to all other languages. Hence, Node.JS is one of the best choices for the next Web Application Development projects.