Top WordPress Advertising Plugins to Help you Earn More From your Blogs

WordPress Advertising Plugins

TechsPlace | Many websites and blogs that regularly enjoy consistent traffic flow depend heavily on advertising as the principal revenue source. There are different ad channels, including Affiliate Ads, Google AdSense, Alternatives to AdSense, and Direct sales generated through ads.

But for many incorporating AdSense codes or direct ads into WordPress code becomes a really strenuous task. Are you considering hiring WordPress Developers in India? Wait, before they take on the challenge, it lets you know about so many useful plugins out there in the WordPress ecosystem. Here we are going to showcase top WordPress advertising plugins that can help increase revenue.

Ad Inserter

Are you looking for a robust and powerful WordPress advertising plugin? Then there can be hardly the first choice other than Ad Inserter. With more than 40,000+ active installs and a 4.9-star rating out of Five, it stands as one of the most popular plugins in the entire WordPress ecosystem. The best thing about this plugin is that it allows you to incorporate ads anywhere on the website.

Ad Inserter plugin makes it extremely easy to insert an ad or the underlying HTML/Javascript/PHP code right into WordPress. It is a versatile plugin that can be used for incorporating different types of ads. The free version is helpful for simple blogs and news websites, although the premium version offers a lot more.


WP QUADS is actually a better and much-updated version of the Quick AdSense plugin.

The plugin comes with tons of controls about the way and places where ads can be displayed. Despite having a close affinity with AdSense, the adoptions provided by this plugin are not limited to the only AdSense.

WP QUADS allows you to post ads at particular positions or display them randomly at any position within the content. The plugin allows you to display as many as 10 ads per page. Moreover, by using tags, you can easily enable or disable ads as per your priority. Hands down, many WordPress development services in India prefer this plugin for this sheer versatility.

While the free version offers all these features, the plugin’s premium version also helps you with more value-added features such as detecting ad blocker, support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and a variety of ad layout options.


For any beginner starting with the WordPress platform, AdSanity comes as the best advertising plugin choice. The plugin allows inserting ads anywhere on a website or blog just by using widgets or a dedicated button for inserting ads.

Apart from allowing ads from ad networks, the plugin also allows incorporating ads directly from the businesses. The plugin offers many powerful advertising features such as scheduling ads, grouping ads, inserting single ads,  monitoring ad views and reviewing statistics, etc.


AdRotate is robust and powerful among other WordPress advertising plugins that fit the use cases of both beginners and advanced users. It offers support to all types of ads, including hosted ads, rotating banner ads, and network ads.

The plugin helps create ads and ad groups and incorporate them into anywhere within the WordPress content or posts just through shortcodes. This plugin also allows you to incorporate ads into the sidebar area by using custom widgets.

The free version of the plugin can also be used to monitor advertising impressions and statistics. The pro version of the plugin comes with a bounty of features such as ad scheduling, geo-targeted ads, disguised ad blocks, mobile adverts, ad-media management, etc.

DoubleClick by Google

DoubleClick is a great advertising plugin created and maintained by Google.  The plugin enjoys a clear competitive edge over many other advertising plugins in terms of effectiveness and cost. Through this plugin, you can sell the ads or participate in the competition for the same sought-after ad spots offered by other third-party advertising networks.

The plugin also offers an array of sophisticated reporting tools to measure and track ad performance in a precise manner accurately. Being a plugin that enjoys Google DoubleClick’s support is pretty robust and useful for any blog that wants to maximize the revenue potential through ads.

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a plugin that comes as absolutely free with the option of adding value with premium add-ons. The best thing is, the free plugin is also pretty robust and feature-rich to take care of most WordPress development needs.

The plugin allows you to incorporate all types of ads, including ads from AdSense and different ad publishers. You can enjoy the flexibility of incorporating ads into different locations of website posts, and you can also insert ads into the footer, sidebar, header, and other areas of the layout. The plugin also allows you to turn off ads as per categories.

Ads Pro Plugin

Ads Pro plugin is one of the premium advertising plugins with everything you need to sell, manage, and display in the advertising spaces. This plugin also allows you to set up Buy and Sell Ads features on your own website.

The plugin offers a template based on grids to help you easily match ads with your website interest and focus areas. The best thing is, the plugin helps to keep your system away from ad-blockers completely. On top of that, the plugin helps you display banner ads in as many as 20 different ways.

Some of the plugin’s more advanced features include Geo-targeting, scheduling ads, ad filters, ad capping to show limited times, robust back-end manager, etc.


WP-Insert plugin is one of the popular WordPress advertising plugins that already achieved more than 30,000+ active installs and a solid 4.5 out of 5-star rating. Tagged as the ultimate WordPress advertising plugins, it offers pretty robust features instead of just inserting ads.

The same plugin can also take care of Google Analytics or other third-party solutions to track traction with ads, show legal notices, and highlight the theme editor’s ad code. The plugin allows you to run ads from various leading advertising networks, including AdSense, Yahoo!, AdBrite, and many others.

This plugin delivers a whopping 20 different ad widgets to help to customize the appearance of the ads. Furthermore, you get ad scheduling features out of the box. On top of that, you have many parameters and rules that can be configured to tweak the way ads are displayed.


From the above-mentioned options, it is clear that there are too many great WordPress ad management options that can be used effectively to boost revenue generation. Even if you are a small startup or just an amateur blogger, these plugins can help you immensely to drive back home some profits from your work. The best thing is, you can really start with a free plugin with almost everything that you need initially, and then you go for the paid and premium option over time.