10 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2021 Year

UI/UX Design Trends

TechsPlace | Technology is an unstoppable force taking the globe through a quick rate of development that seemed difficult and unimaginable decades earlier. New trends appear yearly, or numerous times a year, every one assuring to be much better than the last, all of them guaranteeing to revolutionize user experience and boost the user’s lifestyle. Nonetheless, these patterns are not developed overnight. Some of them take years to accomplish their prospective and more years for the world to recognize their importance. The UI/UX plays an essential role in a UI/UX Design Trends life process; after all, a trend can only last as long as there are customers after it, and consumers can continue to be loyal as long as their demands are satisfied.

The trends of iPad application UI design change in maintaining with the developments in innovation. As modern technology takes a large jump in 2020, so will certainly the brand-new UI/UX Design Trends. Any designer worth his salt knows the value of present and future design trends. The passion for learning frequently, improving and increasing, and accepting new ideas are important things that aid a designer in providing his ideal to the digital products he delivers. It’s all about keeping that layout toolkit updated by recognizing what no longer works, what has recovered, and what is brand-new on the block.

UI/UX design trends to dominate in 2021


Microinteractions are essentially there in nearly every single site or application. You see them while opening an app; for example, you will certainly see several instances of it being used on Facebook though the most effective circumstances are the ‘Like’ feature. The thing is that the individuals can not really select micro-interactions because they blend so well in the interface. However, when one of its facets is eliminated, users are smart to notice that something really essential is missing out on.

Animated illustration

Illustrations have actually been an indispensable part of product design for a really long time. Yet, the advancement has gone over in the past number of years. The popularity of illustrations as a design component stems from the fact that it includes a human touch and an all-natural feeling to the product’s UX. These are fantastic at getting attention because these can make the products come alive and help them in standing out using included personality and information.

Fullscreen smart devices

Many phones have lost their boundaries and have rounded edges. This modifications their user interface quite a bit. It will position challenges for designers to utilize sharp-edged elements in their mobile UI and also app design. Furthermore, Apple iPhone does not have home buttons any longer, and also Android phones are additionally losing the on-screen switches to conserve space for the displayed content. To achieve a cleaner display, the buttons count on motions, which can also be difficult for developers need to encounter. It is a vibrant relocate to make individuals learn new navigating designs. That’s why including aesthetic hints or onboarding is critical to understand the navigating procedure.


The ability to tell great tales around an electronic experience will certainly continue to trend among the very best. Typography itself can build a strong visual hierarchy. An extremely critical aspect of UI, it plays a significant duty in producing an excellent customer experience.

Virtual reality

The past year had been an actually good one for Virtual Reality, even more particularly in the video gaming market. There were a lot of developments as well as growths kept in mind in the virtual reality headsets. Actually, the gaming industry is entitled to credit for all the new technologies and their development to the product and UI/UX designs. Virtual Reality is not an exemption to that regulation. The launch of standalone VR headsets like Oculus Mission last year has also revealed other sectors’ course to get on the bandwagon.

3D Graphics in web and mobile user interfaces

3D graphics exists basically almost everywhere – in motion pictures, video games, adverts on the streets. 3D graphics have been introduced a couple of years earlier and since then has actually improved and advanced significantly. Mobile and also web modern technology is also growing rapidly fast. New web browser capabilities have actually unlocked for 3D graphics, allowing us to create and execute amazing 3D graphics into contemporary web and mobile interfaces.

UX Writing

Creative, as well as purposefully enhanced words do not work anymore. People intend to listen to to-the-point information that will bring them worth, which, subsequently, will certainly bring about more customer engagement as well as conversions. UX writing or aptly a “Microcopy” is all about tempting an individual with the offerings while making it an interactable trip throughout.

Dark Theme

Bright backgrounds have been around for a very long time, but who would mind a little change? We are discussing a brand-new and rejuvenating change presented in the form of a dark theme. There is a scientific reason behind it: Exposure to intense lights in the darkness is not good for the eyes. With iOS and Android introducing their dark theme modes, several applications are changing their focus to welcome this trend.

Air Gesture

Gesture control is one of the trends in mobile UX design intending to improve User Experience. Since the introduction of touch screens, a lot has been altered, resulting from the boosting touch display facet ratios of the mobile user interfaces. Raised element ratios suggest fewer bezels in the front, which, subsequently, indicate better motion experience.

Responsive colors

It has actually been around for some time now as well as brands have considerably been embracing it. You have possibly seen it on Dropbox and Spotify, and not that long ago; Facebook has likewise implemented it to its business brand name. Rather than having a single symbolical color, the brand name is responsive to its context. It can be a variety of predefined ones or a dynamic color system that takes on its environment colors.