Useful Tips to Make an Attractive And Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

TechsPlace | Very important things in this modern era are to keep engaging your website with excellent content, an attractive view and responsive design. Being a great web designer there is a lot more to have outstanding technical skills. One thing you should remember, the important factor to success is to keep updated with the latest trends and fashion of web design tips from all over the world.

Now the responsive web design is easier than ever to implement. There are so many great tools to help you make a beautiful website design as whatever you want to create.

The designing of the website is an art, many professional web designers create various websites by using the latest tool and techniques. They updated himself every time in this growing field. Similarly, you should update yourself with the latest trends and styles if you belong in the field of web.

According to a report, there are many users who use their mobile phones more than any other device like a desktop, laptops or other similar machines. So your design should be responsive for all screens sizes.

If you create a beautiful website design, you must have to keep the focus on the navigation side. Because if your site is easy to use then you increase the user rate on your website. So, the first thing you should check on your website, try to keep the simple site as soon as possible. After that, you should check on the accessibility of the website.

Ensure that if your website navigation is simple and easy to use, also use icons paired with text, images and menus to gain the user attraction wherever they need to access. Your links should also be clickable and it should go to the exact page where you want that user reached. So, if your site navigation is clear and should be accessible for all the user, there is a chance to show up your site in the Google Search Results because of good user activity.

Use Decent Typography

There are many companies who use decent font sizes to increase the readability of the website content to help the users to keep engage in your website. If your text size is looking good and readable then there’s a chance that many of users come on your site and read your content with ease.

In the process of typography, the designers have to need to know every font sizes to select the best one for your website. In last few years, the designers have selected the larger fonts to update the websites and making it easier through typography.


A new trend is running on the website’s background and the social media pages to play videos automatically, this can give a lot to a page. Videos can be used to present a story and it gains more attention rather use a text, it tells all the scenarios and conveys a message significantly to the users.

Improve the User Experience

You must have a need to think when it comes to optimizing the user experience. You know what can be the frustrating thing for users? The pop-ups notifications or unsolicited windows. Creating a simple website design and don’t include the fascinating thing in your site because users can frustrate with these kinds of objects.

If your website is not credible to the users there’s a chance that the users will likely to leave the site. Keep consisting to maintain a site to get a great user experience. It helps users to understand a site and they can easily navigate and find anything on your website that what they are looking for.

Website Loading Time

The other important factor you need to think about the load time of your website. If your load time above 3 seconds, no one user stays in your website. So keep remembering that you have to need to optimize the website and make sure your website load time under two or three seconds.

Voice Search

Should a website is purely voice search optimized? Yes Absolutely! You should have to know about the voice search optimization. It has already started to dominate the SEO industry. There are many people who use this feature for personal use to search for services, products, places on the search engine results.

Now, you’re thinking why I am asking to include the voice search in your website. Because it is suitable to use it as it can be done even when you’re watching TV, movies or even you’re cooking, it saves your time and provides excellent outcomes.

Use Video

Graphics and Content both are important to show in a website to look great images and text. Users attract from the stunning images, similarly, you should use video on your website to grab more attention of the users. It shows a great impression and increases the visibility of your site to help to keep good ranking in the search results


Try to make a simple and elegant website for your company to increase user experience and to rank on the major search engine results.