Different Facebook Monitoring Applications

Facebook Monitoring

TechsPlace | There are many people who want to know how to monitor someone’s activities and communication on Facebook as this social networking platform is the highest used platform all around the world irrespective of the age of the people using it. The reason being Facebook is a free tool which can be used for interactions and communications with your near and dear ones for which you only need a basic internet connection. Hence it is rightly believed that if you want to have any personal information about a person…

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Why Pinterest is Popular in Marketing Higher Education

TechsPlace | Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social site, since its launch in 2010 it has grown leaps and bounds. It is a platform where people can share and use information by images and also give percentage to its usefulness. It is social media platform and has its unique followers ad users. WHY PINTEREST SHOULD BE USED FOR MARKETING HIGHER EDUCATION? Pinterest is visual bookmarking. It facilitates you to search a large amount of information and then decide and use as to what suits you. Users can create…

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Web Design Essentials: Simple Tools To Boost Your Productivity

Web Design

TechsPlace | What is the proper way to organize a team of web designers? How can you make their job easier and them more productive? What is the ideal approach – the perfect solution? Some claim that the ideal way to organize web design process is by using Kanban methodology. However, to start using this method of agile project management. Effectively, you will have first to master Kanban basics. Others, on the other hand, rely on different methods such as Scrum… It all depends on preference. What is common for…

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