5 Mobile Apps Every Creative Designer Must Use

Creative Designer

TechsPlace | Whether you are a creative designer or a web artist or work in a creative industry, you need tools that can help you convert your ideas into designs and breathe new life into these designs. Thanks to the advancement in mobile app development New York, we now have mobile applications that help you do that. Here are the top five apps that every creative designer should install and use.

  • Photoshop Sketch

Do not be confused by its name, it is a photo editor. If you are a creative digital designer then this app is for you. Users can create designs with a pen, pencil, markers, ink brush, soft pastel, and watercolor paintbrushes. With dozens of built-in tools, this app lets you tinker with size, color, space and bleeding settings. You can transfer your designs to Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud or Adobe Illustrator for further tweaking.

  • Lightroom 2.2

Launched in February 2016, Lightroom for Android has pushed the boundaries of what you can do on the mobile device. It is the first comprehensive end to end RAW mobile photography solution that professional photographers have long been waiting for. Add to that the capture and share DNG and RAW formats from your phone. Lightroom 2.2 version adds new functions to the mobile app such as the ability to import RAW photos directly from your camera, RAW preview, transfer RAW photos.

  • Prisma

One app that made a big splash soon after its launch is Prisma. There are many good reasons for it. The app is unique because it takes advantage of artificial intelligence to recreate your photos as a famous artist would. Believe it or not, it is not a gimmick because of the images after processing looks like as they have been painted by a famous painter and not a machine, which makes it look real instead of looking like an artificial image created by machine.

  • Photoshop Fix

Do you want to edit your images on the phone? If yes, then Photoshop Fix is for you. Although, it is not as feature rich as the Desktop version of Adobe Photoshop it provides you all the features you need to perform basic image editing. Whether you want to lighten, darken or paint your images, adjust colors, exposure and saturation to name just a few. Your edited images can be converted into layers and transferred to Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud.

  • Adobe XD 1.2

If you are looking for a Sketch alternative, then this offering from Adobe is for you. XD stands for Experience Design here. Preview your Adobe XD designs with the transition on your mobile device with this app and eliminate all the guesswork. Version 1.2 brings with it some handy extras including the ability to view XD documents offline. Users can share your current screen as image and browse document artboards. Use a powerful filter to search through the number of images and find one quickly.

Which mobile apps do you use for creating designs? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.