5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Application Developer

TechsPlace | Smartphones and tablets have drastically changed today’s consumers’ behaviors. Instead of using computers to access information, they prefer using their devices to find the information they need. These changing trends encouraged business owners to use this platform to capture a more extensive customer base. Possessing a responsive business website is has no longer remained sufficient to engage existing customers.

This is the era of mobile apps. If your company doesn’t possess an app, you will be missing a significant number of potential customers. It’s time to focus on developing mobile application in Dubai. The best way to create a functional mobile app with user-friendly features is to hire a skilled app developer.

Here I am sharing few essential questions you must ask from app developers before hiring them.

Where can I see any mobile apps you have developed previously?

It is critical to check their previous work samples, which they have done for their existing clients. If you are dealing with a genuine and qualified professional, he will be eager to provide you with a list of apps they have created so far. They don’t delay to share relevant App store links to display their work. Observing previous work is a great way to evaluate, whether the developer has skills and expertise, they are claiming to possess, or it’s just fake publicity.

Can we communicate during the development process?

Clear and frequent communication is critical to delivering your requirement to your developers throughout the development process. You can’t trust them solely and wait until the end to receive the final product. App development is an intensive and creative process. Regular communication on phone calls, emails, Skype and meetings is necessary for both developers and clients. It enables them to make any amendments if required. Lack of communication often disappoints them.

Can you create special/custom features?

With so many apps are available on App store, you can’t expect to grab consumer attention with open apps with no unique features. To gain user attention, an app must have unique features like 3-D gaming, GPS check-ins, social sharing and product coupon elements. Figure out your requirements first and ask programmers to explain how they will create the same kind of features.

What testing process you use for app testing?

As we all know websites are tested on multiple devices for all browsers and operating systems, mobile apps must be tested on smartphones. Apps are purposefully created for various operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows. Ask your vendor to explain testing process; he will be using for beta testing. Also, inquire about identification and efficiency to remove bugs quickly.

Do you submit apps to the app store?

No matter how sophisticated features your business app may possess, it will fail to offer you any benefit, unless it is submitted to app store. Submission of the app on its relevant app store is the final and mandatory step of app development process. Before you assign this task to the developer, evaluate their understanding to execute this multi-step submission process. A professional developer inherently possesses a good understanding of this process.

Endnote: Developing mobile application is a sophisticated process, which requires a good understanding of every aspect of the process. Only a qualified developer is capable of doing it efficiently.