3 Latest Tips That Can Help Your Website Rank High In Google Search Engine!

Website Rank High

TechsPlace | Each year Google updates its search engine algorithms to rank websites. The best practice for any successful e-commerce business is to follow guidelines shared by Google, during its development, designing, as well as marketing stage.

Here we will be sharing some important tips to follow if you wish to rank higher in Google search engine

  1. Mobile-First Indexing

Last year when I was meeting up with my old friend, he informed me of the upcoming mobile-first indexing change by Google. Since he is working with some SEO Auckland agency, he understood clearly what I didn’t see coming at that time, that Google is going to transit to mobile devices pretty faster than we expect. Now, that the mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches, Google has already rolled-out its mobile-first indexing update.

So, now if you are looking for any SEO Auckland service, make sure you first have your mobile site optimized correctly.

Tips to Follow:

–           Make sure every bit of content on your website’s mobile version is displayable. Website content not displayed over mobile version will be ignored by search engine crawlers

–           Transit from “M-dot” version of your website to a smooth, and proper mobile-friendly version

–           Keep the mobile version of your website as interactive, and user-friendly as possible. Navigation and easy to read text are important aspects to consider in this regard.

  1. Valuable Content

Content has remained at the forefront of SEO services from the very beginning, however, it has just increased in its stature. Google in a bet to deliver users most informative and relevant search results has put additional stress on content value and relevance. So, now it is time to say goodbye to generic, keyword stuffed and irrelevant content. For instance, if you are looking for SEO Auckland services, make sure your content gives valuable insights into benefits and pros of your services to the targeted audience. Similarly, SEO Auckland services should come with highly optimized content (something linked to local SEO).

Tips to follow:

–           It is time to start writing lengthy and enriching content. The traditional small articles and blogs which were previously used just as an SEO assistance are no longer the need of the day. Ideally, the content should be somewhere around 1500 to 2000 words.

–           Long tail keywords, questions, and LSI should be kept in mind. People are increasingly asking questions from Google, and your content should incorporate answers to such questions like “what’s the best practice for SEO Auckland?”

–           Try come up with new novel ideas and topics in your content, this will add up to your content richness and gives you better chances to rank high in SERPs.

  1. Voice Search Integration

Voice searches are increasingly taking over the search engines. This is one area which is going to have a significant impact in coming years (just like mobile-indexing have today). People are using voice searches over Google to answer their queries, and consequently, search engines are stressing more and more about it.

Today nearly 20% of all searches on Google through mobile devices are made as “voice searches”.

Tips to follow:

–           When looking to integrate voice searches, go for long tail keywords. This is because people are more prone to use long tail keywords while using voice searches

–           A novel technique is to write content in a conversational tone. This will help you optimize the website’s content for voice searches as well

–           Try to add questions to your content, like “How much do the SEO services cost?” this will again help you optimize your content for voice searches.