The list of Best 10 Themes for Android to Make your Phone Striking

Themes for Android

TechsPlace | With the growing technology, the Android Operating system is becoming more customize for users. You have lots of features to use. The most fantastic thing is changing appearance with unique themes for better appearance. You can easily customize the content, icons, fonts, and home screen that suits you perfectly. On Google play store, you have so many themes to choose from both paid and free. If you want to select the best one that does not affect the quality of your phone as well as speed, then here we are going to share the best themes for android that you should strive for.

The listed themes for android are free that can work best for you in changing appearance, screens settings, keyboard, patterns, and more. If you want to change everything, then flashing ROM can be a suitable option. You can download various Compatible ROM from the play store.

  1. Microsoft launcher for Android

This is popular as Arrow launcher that can offer you the best performance and make it easier for you to use. The Microsoft launcher comes up with unique features that just give your phone an outstanding look by changing glance, news, and timeline.

With a glance section, you can easily restore activities such as calendar, documents, notes, tasks, screen and more. Whereas the news section can help you to watch news under one channel without searching for sites. And the timeline section allows your desktop to work in the timeline.

Additional features:

  • Choose from the multiple themes (dark, light, and transparent)
  • See new images and videos daily.
  • Can access family feature
  • Can work on PC and allow editing of docs.
  • Can use gesture customization
  1. Action Launcher

Action launcher is one of the best themes for android you should try out. This will take you on pixel features that will add colors and great customization options that can help to get a shiny home screen. It is an award-winning android theme from the google play store. It is because of its features especially the pixel launcher and full control over the search box and your hearty content. Moreover, it will give a quick bar, quick theme, and quick edit option.

This launcher allows you to import from the existing theme into new and you’ll fee the real change.

Additional Features:

  • It can use scale icons, rename apps, and more.
  • Generate app shortcuts
  • Notification support
  • Full phone support
  • Shutters that allow you to see inside the social media without opening an app.
  1. Buzz Launcher

Buzz launcher is yet another best theme you can choose. It is an ad-free and highly customizes theme that offers 10, 00,000+ free themes to use. The themes are included and created by the professionals so there is no issue. If you were the user of Themer than Buzz is the best alternative of that theme. The best thing about Buzz launcher is you can share your home screen with multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Additional features:

  • Give a quick search of all apps in one place.
  • Support fast navigation by just swipe up
  • You can create shortcuts for everything.
  • Can edit or customize wallpapers, app, and icons
  1. Nova Launcher

When it comes to versatile themes, nova launcher is the best and highly customize tool you should go for. This will helps the user to enhance their home screens with a user-friendly portal. It is just a perfect theme for stock UI users that offer numbers of features like customize apps, icons, folders, and more. With this, you can also build your theme. In the google play store, it is the most amazing and highest downloadable theme.

Additional features:

  • Comes with most amazing new features
  • Can use night mode and dark theme
  • App drawer
  • Enjoy multiple gestures like swipe, pinch, and more.
  • It can give a quick backup and restore option.
  1. Evie Launcher

Evie is the fastest and easy growing launcher for android. For attractive and smooth screen appearance this will provide you highly customization options. It is an entirely different theme rated by google play store. It is a highly searchable and downloadable app. It provides many features that just help to make your mobile appearance superior.

Additional Features:

  • Can choose your search engines like Google or Bing
  • Can see local searches
  • No notifications
  • App drawer
  • Lock icons
  • Create custom shortcuts
  1. C launcher

C launcher is yet another the best Android theme which is highly customized and comes up with wonderful themes. It consumes minimal power and speed of the user interface. Moreover, it protects the privacy of hidden apps and gives the ultimate experience of customizing your phone. It is a completely free application that you can download on the Android mobile phone app and enjoy vast features. It is very fast and secures customize to find out the things. Even though it is fast to download and install the app. This allows automatic interface and customizable platform.

Additional features:

  • It is an automatic platform that provides unread notification
  • It organizes your apps completely
  • It will keep your app secure and strengthen the gesture as well as security
  • It can save the battery clean up the junk files and provide one take solution
  • This is beneficial for every mobile.
  1. Pinko for ASUS launcher

Pinko is also the best Android theme application which is why it falls position in the top 10 themes. This works on Apus and provides long-time solutions. This is a great ultra-stylish fast and personalized application that brings the best-personalized features for your phone. This will give news, videos, and application. It is a perfect launcher that has more than 10000 + free launcher. It provides quick Search hot video, smart folders, and flashlights. It just personalizes your phone as the best Android.

Additional features:

  • Provide hidden apps and AppLocker
  • App Drawer
  • Quick navigation
  • Cool transitions and HD icons
  • Generate HD wallpapers and background
  • Easy and convenient support
  1. Steampunk launcher theme

Steampunk launcher theme is one of the best Android themes by the Google play store. It is standing alone in the list and install by just an easy method. Remember on the Google play store you will meet with several steampunk themes, but one of the best is to choose which have wooden wallpaper and provide unique style and appearance. Applying this theme, first install the hola launcher and go to the per slide option to choose your theme and then apply it.

Additional features:

  • Give 3D unique steampunk world wallpapers
  • Offer 100% steampunk items
  • 3x themed docks
  • Themed menu and theme app drawer
  • Provide best phones and typefaces
  • It is rated 4.0/5
  1. Metro look launcher

Metro look launcher is also the fully free Android theme which is completely beautiful and gives you a professionally impressive look. It is one of the popular themes in 2019. It is very easy to use and one fast application and water provides the user interface that just delivers your best performance and highly customizable support for every device.

Additional Features:

  • Give well-designed metro themes
  • Drop and drop feature
  • 49 international language support
  • Highly customizable
  • Fantastic for every device
  1. Go launcher

Go Launcher is also the fantastic Android theme application that comes with a unique user interface. It has more color of stock options to choose from. This is what you can choose and enjoy the easy navigation. This comes with excellent color option along with 10,000 + themes which are easy to download with many Wallpaper, transitions, and widgets. This provides an extra clean and app lock feature.

Additional features:

  • You can quickly remove the ads
  • Easy to switch between the task
  • Animated transition
  • Security lock and multiple gestures