8 Best Invoicing Apps For Small Business

Invoicing Apps

TechsPlace | Small enterprises often struggle to maintain track of their cash flow; according to a study, 27% of small enterprises struggle to generate invoices without invoicing apps. However, the world is being drastically changed by digital technology, and manual labour is becoming obsolete. They require more effort, but they are also vulnerable to blunders.

Entrepreneurs utilize various techniques and tactics to grow and increase their business by employing more workforce, world-class equipment, social media marketing, branding, etc. Entrepreneurs can use social media apps to make money. However, many small businesses face lots of difficulties, especially with invoicing.

Over half of enterprises now use invoice apps. When running a small business, you realize that time is money, so don’t waste it manually invoicing with clumsy and out-of-date invoicing software.

Read on for our recommendations for the best invoicing software, ranging from those that automate customer follow-up to those best for small enterprises and ideal for a one-person operation because getting paid is essential to keeping your business afloat.


What Is Invoicing App?

Invoicing software generates invoices or bills for delivered goods and items automatically. This application generates a list of facilities, resources, items, and associated costs and sends an invoice to your consumers.

These invoices are frequently prepared using a pre-made template, most of which are professional in appearance, making the procedure simple and more beneficial to organizations.

An invoice is generated for each item or good sold or facilities given, and it is the first step towards getting paid. Cash payments were the norm, and books were kept manually, which resulted in inaccurate billing and delayed payments.

We now have access to a wealth of financial technology, which speeds up transactions. Invoicing software speeds up the process, notably the part that pays the collection of the bill.

It can be challenging to choose the finest Invoice app because there are so many. To assist you with this tedious process, we’ve mentioned the top invoice applications:


1. Invoice2go

This invoicing app was released in 2002 and included some of the best features available. From invoice administration to appointment scheduling to expenditure tracking and finance management, the software covers all aspects of billing and invoicing.

By recording all of your invoices, this program delivers the best organizational capabilities, saves time, and makes the drafting and distribution of bills professional. This software is trending among firms and organizations because it offers precise reports on your business’s success.


  • Invoices are sent via email, WhatsApp, or text.
  • Allows you to create unique templates based on your company’s logo and information.
  • Creates detailed and insightful business reports utilizing charts and graphs to help you better understand your business.
  • Provides a cost-free trial period of 1 month


2. Invoicely

It takes a long time to create invoices on paper manually. Invoicely, one of the top invoice production applications, will keep you out of trouble. Chargeable hours and prices can be tracked with just a few mouse clicks.

The software is simple to operate. Using the colour scheme option, you can add your company’s logo, stamps, and more to the invoice.


  • Provides the ability to receive payments in any currency from anywhere in the world.
  • The project’s cost and progress can be tracked.
  • Taxes and shipping information are specified and added to the invoice.
  • The price range varies from $0.00 to $29.99 per month.


3. Invoice Ninja

Shalom Shark co-founded Invoice Ninja, an open-source tool, in 2004. The list page, one of the main tools of Invoice Ninja, provides transaction summaries and invoice histories, whereas the action page is useful for invoice activities.

The tool’s appeal stems in part from its cloud accessibility. This functionality can sync data spread across multiple devices and platforms. The software was created with freelancers and small entrepreneurs in mind.


  • For returning clients, you can create recurring invoices.
  • The client-side interface keeps track of all of your company’s transactions.
  • Price varies from $0 to $14 per month.


4. Vyapar

Programs like this one are designed specifically to aid small businesses in India. It’s one of the top invoicing software since it reviles the hassle of manual billing while also assisting the organization by providing a clear image of assets and obligations.

It assists in arranging the firm by providing a variety of functions, such as stock tracking and simple billing. Another feature of this software is that it tells you when your stack is low and works without the internet.


  • It generates bills in accordance with GST regulations.
  • The owner can also print the invoices.
  • Keeps track of your spending, such as purchases, taxes, and other fees.
  • Free for mobile use.


5. PayPal

On this list, PayPal is the winner. Every other app on this list pales compared to its popularity and efficiency. The PayPal software is mostly utilized to make online payments.

Consumers can secure their card information and quickly pay bills and invoices. For safety and security, your transactions are monitored and you are notified each time one is made.

Customers’ invoices are emailed to their email inboxes, where they can access and pay them.


  • Customers can choose from a range of payment options.
  • Every transaction you make generates notifications and alerts.
  • One of the finest and most widely used invoicing tools.


6. Bookipi

Bookipi should be your first pick if you own a small business. Tim Lee invented the invoice-generating program, which is now utilized in more than 179 countries.

Users will be able to save time and effort by using the app. Bookipi enables you to send clients alerts and export PDFs for speedier payments.


  • Offers multiple payment options, including PayPal, Visa, and others.
  • Comprehensive invoice reports were generated and sorted by months, goods, or customers.
  • Strong customer service.
  • Free services.


7. Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is an all-in-one invoice and billing system developed in 2009. The program can handle all aspects of invoice generating, management, and other tasks.

The program is appropriate for both businesses and sellers, and you can add several companies. With the help of the tool’s pre-built templates, you can create your unique invoice.


  • Creates long-term recurring invoices
  • Customers are also notified when payments are past due.
  • Converts the currency of your invoice into a variety of other international currencies.
  • The price range varies from $4.14 to $16.67 per month.


8. Zoho Invoice

Since 2008, Zoho Invoice has been providing cost-effective billing and invoice production solutions for businesses. The software includes time tracking capabilities, recurring invoicing, and more.

Using Zoho invoice’s digital features will enable you to reduce the threat of fraud. In addition, you can choose the method of payment that suits you best.


  • Helps you keep track of your expenses.
  • Custom expense categories in the tracker.
  • With detailed reports, you can learn more about your company.
  • Can transact in 140 different currencies.
  • Price varies from $0 to $29 per enterprise per month.



These apps should be your first pick if you’re seeking for finest invoicing applications for your enterprise. There are numerous invoicing apps on the market, and however, selecting the best one is up to you.