10 Reasons to Choose AngularJS for the Web Development in 2022


TechsPlace | Making business applications customer-centric will bring more customers and massive exposure to your organization. AngularJS can be a perfect choice for developing such apps. It is a JavaScript framework, open-source and Google is its developer. Using AngularJS, one can create various interactive elements that grab the user’s attention. In this piece of information, we will see ten reasons you can choose Angular for your next project.

Because of its emphasis on qualitative code and reliability, web developers select AngularJS above other accessible frameworks. AngularJS is used by a number of well-known websites, including Snapchat, Paypal, Amazon, Udemy, Netflix, Gmail, and many more.

These giants using Angular for their apps make it clear that Angular is something worth including in your subsequent project development. So, let’s proceed toward 10 things that will make you pick Angular for your next app.


Why Angular?

To make front-end programming simpler, Google’s committed developers created AngularJS, a reliable JavaScript platform. Both the designing team and developers will find a tonne of frameworks and plugins on the site.

Without AngularJS, it would be challenging to create contemporary single-page applications. It aids programmers in creating programmes with the best manageable architecture. As a result, AngularJS is also referred to as the web app’s next big thing.



Cost-effective technology called Angular Progressive Web Application (PWA) enables websites to function like mobile apps. It lessens dependence on the Internet, which dramatically enhances the site user experience.

When feasible, caching in PWA saves bandwidth and operates effectively. Thus, the dangers of presenting out-of-date content are reduced. Additionally, since it is a website, SEO optimization is possible.

The creation of single-page apps (SPAs), which offer server-side rendering features that improve SEO rankings, is also made easier by Angular. Additionally, it speeds up the loading of the first webpage and enhances the functionality of websites on mobile and small devices.


Testing made Easy with Angular

Testing is essential in software development and in all fields. Aware of this, the creators of AngularJS built it with the testing phase in mind, requiring the least work and time possible. Developers may quickly and easily detect bugs and flaws present in the code using AngularJS. You may quickly fix these problems to keep your app error-free.


Google’s Support and Huge Developer Community

The fact that Google supports Angular is indeed one of the significant benefits. Google provides Long-Term Support (LTS) for Angular, which reveals Google’s intention to continue using the technology and expand the Angular environment.

The team behind Google apps, which also adopt Angular, is quite optimistic about its reliability. Additionally, other Angular programmers are given an excellent chance to learn from Google-recognized Angular experts.

AngularJS was initially created by Hobbyists as just an open-source community. While the programmers’ continued community and enthusiasm helped AngularJS become a part of the structure. It implies that there is still an extensive developer ecosystem to learn from and highly qualified and motivated professionals to help you with any Angular questions.


Feature of Two-way Data Binding

Two-way data binding is among AngularJS’s most incredible capabilities. This capability allows updates to the UI to instantly affect web app elements and the reverse. In other words, if a programmer modifies the UI in any way, the application interface will also update instantaneously.

The data is smoothly integrated between the Model and the View. Therefore, these two components are immediately updated in true whenever it discovers any changes or updates in the information. Developers can save a tonne of time by doing this. And for this reason, the use of AngularJS in website creation is flourishing.


Using MVC efficiently

Multiple frameworks demand that the application be divided into MVC elements by the developer. In order to connect them, the programmer has to write additional code.

Since MVC in Angular just helps the user to divide the project into MVC elements, it can be built quickly and effectively. By acting as a bridge that links them, Angular controls and takes good care of the other elements.


Angular got a Declarative UI

HTML is used by the AngularJS platform to produce templates. For its scalability and natural responsiveness, it is a general-purpose language that is widely used. Templates feature elements and characteristics that are unique to AngularJS, like filters, directives like ng-repeat, ng-app, ng-model, etc., form controls, and so forth.

A verbal user interface makes things easier and better. Designers and developers can collaborate using HTML. The design team can concentrate on UI creation while developers utilise declarative binding techniques to link the different UI components and data models.


Reusable Code

The most crucial component is provided by AngularJS: coding reusability. Developers can reuse previously created code very effectively as a result. Because of the time they can save, a web app can be created quickly.

With AngularJS, very little coding is needed:

  • Mostly with the aid of the data-binding functionality, all data is accessible.
  • No pipeline needs to be built
  • By using filters, developers can manage data at the view level without changing any controllers.
  • Code can be written by any developer with no integration problems.

By making the required modifications in the coding, AngularJS developers can quickly adjust or modify the project. Hiring AngularJS experts will enable you to finish the project quickly.


Plain Old JavaScript Object

You don’t require any extra getter or setter functions while using Angular.

It’s due to the fact that now every POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object) used by Angular allows for object manipulation by offering all of the standard JavaScript capabilities. When necessary, you can iterate over them and delete or add attributes to them.


Productivity and Speed

Due to the MVC pattern and simple testing, the app development process may be completed at a significantly faster rate. Because of this, AngularJS is a good framework. Developers may easily construct the quick user interface of their choosing with Angular, thanks to its powerful template syntax.

By recording instant errors, customizable IDEs enable developers to create software more quickly. Developers may quickly add elements with the Angular CLI (Command-line Interface), which also makes deployment simpler.


Custom Directives and Filters

Throughout the data organisation phase of the development, filters are crucial. The developers’ duty is easier because filters such as order by, lowercase, number, etc., may be implemented.

This seems like a small benefit, but it ends up being useful and practical when presenting users with large amounts of data. The development of the database (DB) search capabilities also benefits from this.

One of the numerous benefits of AngularJS is the removal of core constraints through the use of ‘custom directives’. Developers can make their own HTML customer directives by leveraging this feature.


Over to You

In the end, there’s a tip for you. If you are still not sure about whether to choose Angular or go for another framework, we suggest you consult with a trustable Angular service provider company. Click here to hire angular developers today!

According to your project type, they will suggest whether to choose angular and hire angular developers or any other technology.

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