Common Dangerous Apps Your Kid Might Be Accessing

Dangerous Apps

TechsPlace | Nowadays, kids get exposed to many online threats; and the dangerous kid’s sites increase each day. Electronic gadgets like phones, tablets, and laptops are also to blame. Though such devices come with many benefits, you should be conscious of the technology perils associated with them. Besides, it’s of no importance for your kid to have access to the wrong apps or information.

Below is the most dangerous apps list

  1. Tinder

Tinder is used for dating or by individuals looking for romance and more. By using this application, kids can easily get exploited and have access to inappropriate images. There’s no way you can verify the identity or age of the user within the app, and this raises the alarm.

More so, Tinder makes use of social media connection to examine the age of the user; this way, scammers can quickly get a loophole to abuse your kid. As such, you should teach your teenagers about the risks associated with such an application. Tinder is usually considered a “hook up” app, and this is worth noting.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is all about short videos that disappear after a short period. But, you can record them and at the same time send them to other people. The suspicious bit is that once you send the videos and the receiver views them, they are supposed to get erased. Due to their temporary nature, most people get the opportunity to send inappropriate images, videos and many more. The app exposes kids to adult content quickly and enables teenagers to exchange pictures. Moreover, it’s not easy to monitor kids using the app.

  1. Vine

The Vine can seem like a great communication tool, but there are many threats associated with using this app. You can use it to exchange videos, and kids can be on the receiving end of images that are nothing short of explicit. Besides, there are many videos online that pose a lot of danger to kids.  As such, parents should monitor the download and usage of such an app.

  1. Kik Messenger

Kik is a mobile-only app that tops the list of child predator apps. Most teens love it since its mobile-only, making it easy to use. And what’s the bait? Kik child predators can use it to seek out kids, send images, sexting, and much more. While you can use all messaging apps in this manner, the KIK is notably famous among teens and young kids.

  1. Down App

The Down App probably the dangerous kid’s sites. You can use it to connect to Facebook; and even segments friends in two groups. Such clusters are; people who are interested in being just friends or friends seeking sexual favors. It’s an anonymous “hook up” app which can be dangerous in many ways. As a parent, you should not permit your kid to download or use the app.

  1. Whisper

Though the app seems innocent, most people download and use it to post pseudonymous secrets. The downside is that it reveals the user’s geographic location. Due to its nature to share secrets, it makes it easy for predators to establish relationships with kids, hence making it dangerous.

  1. 9GAG

The 9GAG is a social media site that shares all manner of images. Since the pictures are uncensored, you can quickly turn them into explicit content. While it may seem like an innocent fun application, kids can easily tweak it for risky behavior, and this makes it one of the dangerous kid’s sites.

What can parents do to safeguard their kids online?

It’s never enough to warn your kid about the dangers of interacting with strangers near them. They can as well get into trouble online! The internet poses countless threats and is being used by predators to locate their victims. You can monitor your kid’s online activities using parental control software. This way, you get to see the content of your child’s chats. Also, you can observe all your kid’s online actions on the device.

And what’s more? You can restrict access to specific websites. However, for some parents, selling the kid’s phone or electronic devices works best. By searching where can I sell used iPhone, there are various sites you can exchange your iPhone for cash.

Final thoughts

The internet can be a fun spot to play, socialize, and gather information. However, with many risks online, there are enough reasons for parents and guardians to exercise caution. The above mentioned dangerous kid’s sites are just a few of the popular ones; you can also check out, Poof, Yik Yak, Omegle, and many others.

Dangerous Apps