All You Need To Do For Installing and Downloading Magisk Manager Latest Version 7.5.1

Magisk Manager

TechsPlace | Magisk manager is a widely used android app and is a systemless root method that is used to modify a particular system without actually modifying it. It helps you to pass Google SafetyNet check easily by just developing the various modules of magisk manager app with every passing day. The developer of magisk is not an ordinary tech expert but has a huge experience in these technical terms. Well, he is a senior member of XDA forums and has a unique name, Topjohnwu.

However, for making it safer and secure, most of the apps on play store which don’t allow the users to run on the rooted devices have started following SafetyNet check allow any of the users to operate once the user passes the Google’s SafetyNet check API. You can experience this in a number of familiar apps like Netflix, banking applications and pokemon go. And if you find it difficult to get through this SafetyNet check and are not able to run these kinds of apps, then all you need to do is download magisk manager to get rid of such problems. With this magisk manager, you will be able to operate all kinds of apps including the ones that can’t work on rooted devices.

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Detailed Process to Download Magisk Manager Latest Version 7.5.1

To get access to each and every type of app, download this magisk manager and further for a better experience, it is preferred for you to download the latest version by following the easiest procedure mentioned below-

Step-1. Find the appropriate link for downloading the magisk manager app as it is not available on play store which is used often by android users.

Step-2. The next step is to enable the ‘unknown sources’ option in the system settings.

Step-3. Once you have downloaded the magisk manager APK from a particular link then you will soon get a pop up which will tell you to enable the ‘unknown sources’. And for that, you have to go to the settings folder.

Step-4. Following the above step, open the settings folder and then keep scrolling until you find the unknown sources option. After finding the option, you just need to toggle it.

Step-5. Enabling this option allows your device to accept the app. After enabling, you have to go back and start installing it again.

Step-6. Once you click on the install option, it will get successfully installed in your device within a fraction of seconds and instantaneously open the manager.

Step-7. For this last step, your device needs to be rooted in SuperSu. If you have already rooted your device with SuperSu, then you can use the app to hide your root or other stuff. Otherwise, you need to go through a simple procedure to root your device with the Magisk Su binary.

How to successfully root your device with Magisk Su?

To successfully install the magisk manager and use it to hide your stuff, you need to root your device with Magisk Su which can be done by following the below-mentioned steps-

Step-1. The very first thing you have to do is to download the Magisk v20.3 zip and fir that you have to find an appropriate link as it is also not available on the play store.

Step-2. The most important thing about following this procedure is that you must have a custom recovery installed in your device, only then you can proceed further. Boot your device with any custom recovery where TWRP is the most preferred one.

Step-3. Once you get the TWRP, just click on the Install button displayed on the home page. Continuing in this way, you need to select the file displayed in the directory where you have stored.

Step-4.This step is the easiest one as you have to just swipe the install button.

Step-5. Once you get the installation done, your installation process is done. Now you need to restart your android device and verify the successful installation by just opening the magisk manager.

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Some pros and cons of Magisk Manager


With this magisk manager, there are more chances that you can easily go through various SafetyNet checks and security measures.

You can run a lot of applications like Netflix, android pay and banking applications.


This magisk manager does not support each and every android device as it is compatible with only android version 4.2 or the above versions.

It only supports Gzip compressed boot.img not compressed with lz4.

Now you know how to get through the Google SafetyNet check and a number of safety measures. And the most interesting thing about using this manager is that you can run a lot of applications that can’t be run on rooted devices.

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