iOS 12: Does Hardware & Update Will Change the iPhone App Development for Better?

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TechsPlace | iPhone devices do not require any special introduction. Nearly all businesses who look to preface their own app are looking for iPhone app developers or iOS app development companies to get an app created. Let’s understand how the iPhone 12 version has elevated the business and users experience overall.

Apple is a renowned brand in the global market. The company has a number of devices under their name including iPhone, iPads and more enabled with their own iOS platform. Since its inception, Apple has periodically updated its devices with the versions upgraded to the older version in terms of speed, performance, and operating system.

Though iOS 12 has the same features as iOS 11 and there has not been much change but the user experience is surely different in both the versions. The iPhone version 12 certainly comes with plenty of new added features and functionalities that increase stability, speed, performance, and battery life.

New Updates appended in iOS 12 Platform has definitely increased the following features:

1. Performance

Every update is for the enhancement in the performance and speed of the app. iOS 12 has surely come up with the improved speed along with the faster responsiveness than the older version. Other improvements to enhance user’s experience for daily activities include a better camera, faster typing with the keyboard. These features are quite important from an app development point of view as well, so for the new businesses want to launch their app, make sure to guide an iPhone app development company effectively to use these features to deliver the better user experience. These enhancements are supported on all devices running from iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

According to Apple: There is up to 70% faster camera swipe, 50% faster keyboard display and 2 times faster app launch during a heavy workload.

2. Group Facetime

Facetime was the feature that was highly appreciated by iPhone users. But there was a constraint to facetime that only one person at a time. iOS 12 breaks the barrier and introduced the ‘group facetime’. It can now support video and audio with up to 32 people at a time. User Interface is also changed as the tile of the person speaking gets larger automatically. This is to get a focus on the person who is speaking, and the person will not lose track of the conversation.

3. Memoji

Apple has done a bit differently and added a personal touch to it. A user with this version can create their own personal memoji that matched the user’s mood and personality. Also, a user can create as many different memojis based on their mood to represent themselves over Messenger and Facetime.

4. Camera Enhancements

Every update is to make sure to pep up the camera qualities and introduce new enhancements. iPhone version 12 brings enhancement with camera effects. A user can make a chat more lively by adding effects on the pictures while conversating with the pictures. Personality can be added on the pictures, videos with Animoji, Memoji, cool camera filters, animated text effects, fun stickers, and more.

5. Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality is the talk of the town. This feature has raised the level of user experience and also widened the horizon of business growth. In mobile devices, Augmented Reality has been a hit with Pokémon Go games. ARKit 2 has made it possible for iOS mobile app developers to create more comprehensive augmented reality experiences. This experience now can be shared by multiple people simultaneously. Users can send AR objects without hassle with Messages and Mail and then view and explore it in the real world. If you want to build an iOS app, make sure to find a specialized iPhone app development solution provider.

6. Limit Child Access

Children too are very fond of using mobile devices these days. They tend to spend a lot of time on Phones which affect greatly their physical health as well as their mental health. Screen time feature of the iPhone allows parents to have a watch on the time spent on the mobile screen. They can keep an eye on the opened apps, websites and on the overall device. This way both parents and children could be monitored and analyzed how much time they have spent on mobile phones.

7. Siri Enhancements

The very popular virtual assistance available in Apple devices, Siri, has gained huge popularity with time. It guides users in performing basic tasks and transactions over voice command given by the user. To streamline the tasks of users iPhone version 12 brings an enhanced Siri with shortcuts. The new and enhanced Siri can intelligently align the daily routines of a user with that of the third-party apps suggesting shortcuts accessible directly from the Lock screen.


Wrapping up, iPhone is one of the top players and a big competition to Android phones. Both the platforms have their good share of loyal users who expect new features and functionalities on every update. iPhone version 12 is considered the best version of update so far despite having very few changes when compared with version 11. It is so because the major enhancement has been around enhancing the performance of the phone. Speed and performance top the chart in providing better user experience and increases the chances of users buying iPhone devices.