Reasons Why iOS is More Secure Than Android

iOS more secure than Android

TechsPlace | Everybody knows that iOS and Android OS are one of the most common known competitors of one another. While all smartphones have some security risks, Android is more exposed to attacks, harms, and bugs. Android OS platform is on open source nature, and also the slow pace with which users update the OS makes Android more vulnerable to the hackers.

There is no doubt that Android rules the smartphone market by occupying 75% of the world market share. But, I guess nobody knows bitter truth that this dominance of Android OS comes at a cost. According to CVE report in 2016, Android had the most vulnerabilities compared to any other operating system. Vulnerabilities are the loopholes in the software that can be directly used by a hacker to gain access to a system.

Security Vulnerability
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Both OS are trying their level best to offer the best user experience & security but its the iOS who wins the race. Moreover, because of the security factor, iOS apps are first released than on Android. Let’s find out the reasons why mobile app developers and users trust iOS more than Android.

1. Open Source Platform vs Closed Source

Android was first launched on 23 September 2008. It is more of often based on the open source platform. Because of this nature, anybody can easily get access to code source and what’s currently going on in the Android open source platform (AOSP). But in case of iOS, it’s not possible to access source code because it is more of often based on the closed source platform.

Android doesn’t have their own strict rules and regulations, which in results make life easier for hackers to attack android based smartphones devices. On the other hand, iOS has imposed some strict rules because of which nobody can’t easily jailbreak phone or attack with malicious bugs.

An initial study has revealed that Android users are more prone to root their devices as compared to iOS users. When you root your device, it allows hackers to trace your smartphone easily and get into the required details. With open source platform nature, hackers can also distribute malware easily. Generally, end users blame android developers for such issues. Android developers have to face much heat as compared to the iOS app developers. This is the reason why these days, mobile app developer wants to be an expert iOS app developer compared to an android app developer. But I would say it’s not developer fault, it’s Google mistake.

2. Rooting Device Much Easier in Android

These days over the web you can find a lot of articles, videos, infographics how to root or jailbreak your android and ios devices respectively. It is becoming a major headache for any OS in terms of security, especially for the Android. Rooting or jailbreaking in a simple term means that removing the restrictions imposed by a particular operating system.

I would not say here that iOS users don’t jailbreak their device. Their ratio is less compared to Android users because iOS devices are hard to jailbreak. Apple every year release new version of it’s OS with updated security features. Now you must be wondering that even Android every year releases a new version of OS then why the rooting a device is more in Android? The simple answer to this question is because of the adoption of a newer OS. More than 70% of iOS users are using the latest version of iOS software but in case of Android 10% of people are still there who are using Android 5th version of the software, Lollipop.

Because of strict rules & regulations, Apple always is very strict in terms of releasing its code and keeps a close eye on what the app developers are doing. That is the main reason why it is more difficult to design an iOS app compared to the Android app.

3. Testing Apps – iOS Wins

Testing is a vital step in mobile technology. Before releasing an app live to the public on app stores, it is very important to test the app. If we talk about testing quality and procedure in the Apple app store, they do not leave behind a single margin for a mistake from its side and is very strict on testing parameter. To get app live on the app store, it needs to pass through a series of hard step. But this case is reversed when it comes to Android. Because of the same reason, you’ll see more irrelevant apps on the Google Play store.


Both Android and iOS OS have their advantages and disadvantages, but one thing is for sure that iOS remains unbeatable on the security factor. iOS wins because of closed source platform, better testing procedure, strict rules and restrictions, regular software updates and moreover higher adaptation rate of the current version of the software.

Today, a lot of people are doing a cashless transaction on their smartphone. So considering the security of a device as a priority factor, I would recommend opting for iPhone devices.