How to Increase eCommerce Sales [Simple Tricks]

Increase eCommerce Sales

TechsPlace | You may have realized that creating an e-Commerce website is not enough to sell products online. You have to work hard through various other aspects in order to increase eCommerce sales.

I bet you already knew that. However, the problem is that how exactly can you grow eCommerce sales?

In this post, I am going to show you the 6 ways to increase eCommerce sales. Also, I’ll show you how bigger brands are using these techniques to grow their sales.

Let’s dive right in.

Drive the traffic that Increases eCommerce Sales

Now, you have to understand that high traffic is not the correct measure of high conversion.


However, it helps to reach buyers through the crowd but it reduces your website conversion rate as well.

Your main goal here is to drive the traffic which holds the more potential to buy your product.

#1: Use Referral Marketing

If you have never done a referral marketing campaign yet, I suggest you give it a try right away.

As by the term, the Referral marketing term defines its purpose. Referral marketing is one of the great sources to drive the traffic which increases your sale online.

According to a study by MarketForce, 81% of buyers said that their decision to buy was influenced due to a recommendation by their friends or family.

DropBox Referral snapshot

Dropbox used the same technique to grow their business from 100000 users to 4 Million Users.

#2: Use Influencer Marketing

As by the term, it elaborates its purpose. In the influencer marketing, you basically get your products endorsed by someone whom your target audience trusts.

The future of this technique is not so certain but it is effective to increase your sales online. So much so that 78% of online buyers said that they choose to buy it after they saw it on social media post by an influencer.

#3: Use Target SEO Keywords

There is no doubt that organic traffic converts very well. However, it might end up sinking your whole sales conversion if you get that traffic from the wrong keywords.

Let’s assume that you’re selling the “best power bank online”. But people who are searching for “how to repair power bank” or “how to make power bank at home” see your product is certainly never going to buy.

You must get traffic out of the search terms such as “Sony power bank cost” or “Best Power bank to buy”.

You can see the difference in here.

Create more easy Checkout process to Increase eCommerce Sales

Here is a thing, the more difficult you make your website to check out the more sales you will lose.


Here are the things you can do to make your checkout easier, which tends to Increase eCommerce Sales.

#1: Keep a Guest Checkout Option

According to 48% of online retailers said that keeping an option for Guest Checkout eventually boosted their sales.

Guest Checkout Option

When you provide an option for guest checkout, you make it easier for them to purchase.

Apple using a Guest checkout option to Increase eCommerce Sales

This technique is so effective that you will find Amazon, eBay, and Apple using a Guest checkout option.

#2: Reduce efforts while filling Signup Form

Another way to simplify your checkout process is to simplify the sign-up form. You can do so by removing the less important form fields.

Also, you can provide simple features like using the same address as a billing address and so on. You would never realize how simple things may boost up your sale without increasing the traffic.

Optimize both your website and mobile experience

While you create a better user experience leading your users to add your product to the cart. Leading them towards the checkout page and then closing the sale.

You must never forget that the majority of internet users are shifting towards mobile devices.

In fact, 60% of mobile users have purchased online. Also, 79% of mobile users have purchased online using their smartphone in 6 months.

In order to optimize your E-Commerce website for the mobile device, head over to Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Google Mobile friendly test tool

Put your website/Url and run the test. See if the necessary components are displayed properly on the mobile screen.

You have to make sure that your website works in mobile devices as good as it does in P.C.

Collect emails & build longer-term customer value

Email List is a gold mine for an E-Commerce store. So-and-so, that 84% of marketers believe email is important or critically important for customer loyalty.

Look, People Give you their email when you gain their trust. When they open your emails and click on the link, it means that they receive the value out of it.

In order to grow your eCommerce sales, you must keep building this relationship until they are ready to purchase from you. After you have earned enough credibility, here is what you must do.

#1: Send promotional emails

When people are happy buying from you, they tend to purchase again.

This is where Promotional emails play a role. Once they had purchased from you and are on your mailing list from so long, chances are that they are looking to hear from you.

Repeated customers spend 67% more average on buying from the same website than new customers.

#2: Send abandoned cart emails

According to Business Insider, Online retailers all around the world lose around $4 trillion due to cart abandonment.

A great fraction of that amount can be recovered by sending an automated follow-up email after the cart is abandoned.

Use Social Proof to Earn more Credibility to increase eCommerce Sales

When it comes to increasing eCommerce sales, social proof is huge.

So-and-so that 92% of people trust a recommendation from a peer. And 70% of people trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.

The whole point is that you must show off your credibility in order to grow your online sales. 

Amazon and eBay display social proof on each product page. User’s honest reviews are the goldmine and these brands literally slash on it.

Increase eCommerce Sales | Amazon product review

Increase eCommerce Sales | Ebay product review

According to, 77% of people take the time to read product reviews before they make any purchases online.

Up-selling & cross-selling strategies

Now, most of the people get it wrong. It’s not about increasing the eCommerce sales but to increase the ROI.

Moreover, the best and promising way is to sell more products to those who already purchased from you and trust you.

Also, you sell to those who already have the buying standards, which eventually ends up getting you even more sale. You can sell them an upgrade, add-on or even product which people buy with certain other products.


According to Predictive Intent Upsells can boost your commercials sales 20 times then cross-sell.


In case if you are struggling to increase your eCommerce sales or you are already have been going great.

There is always room to get even more. And the best thing is that you do not have to do it all blindly. Brands out there are doing great using these techniques.

So, I want to hear it from you!

Which of the above technique you already have been using all along and which one you are setting up to give a try.

Either way, let me know in the comment down below. I’d love to know your thoughts.