Top 7 Skills of a Good iOS Programmer

iOS Programmer

TechsPlace | In recent years, this profession has touched a high level. Many individuals have chosen this profession as iOS programmers or android app programmers. It has many reasons. The most important reason is economic growth. In a recent survey, it is predicted that the mobile app development economy will reach up to 7 billion USD. Consumer spending on app stores will increase up to 155 billion USD; due to this reason, many individuals want to choose a developer job. A software developer or programmer should have many skills, knowledge. He needs to understand the technicalities of each part of the iOS app development. Before the basic discussion about its skill, we need to know who is an iOS programmer.

What are iOS programmers?

An IOS programmer should have basic knowledge about the iOS work pattern, knowledge about different iOS app devices like iPhone, iPad, apple watch, etc. He should have deep and full knowledge of how to create an iOS ecosystem within the timeline. Following are the basic skills that make a developer a good, educated, and well-versed iOS programmer in the industry.


  • Spatial Reasoning

The first skill obviously he should understand is 3-D visualization. This is the most important and knowledgeable factor one should know as an iOS programmer. As a skilled programmer, he has to understand the spatial relationships among objects. In simple but technical words, he needs to understand the design interface of the apple devices. When he makes designs for iPhone or Apple watch, the application he is doing must be understood by the users. So, hiring iOS programmer, he needs to understand all types of input feasibility of different platforms. He has to gain experience to work on real projects. Need to understand the design process of the projects.


  • Networking

The iOS programmer should understand the important networking of app development. Like the interface of app development, the interface of web development. The second step is how to collaborate between two interfaces. Like the app opening on our mobile device should interact with the web interface also. This is one of the vital networking understanding one should know as an android developer. He also needs to know about the fact of sending and receive data from the proposed network. This is a very important fact to develop for viable and robust networking. He must know the basic ideas of JSON-JavaScript. This is the primary format to understand the data exchange of this format. If he understands the basic facts of this, he becomes an iOS programmer. So, networking skill is a very important matter to become an iOS programmer.


  • UI and UX design experience

As an iOS programmer, one should understand the design part of the development very well. He should be a trained designer. And also, he needs to understand the UI/UX design for the design of the mobile app as the expert on the improvement of a mobile app, and the programmer should understand the design part so at least he can do the look and design pattern of the mobile app. The app indeed needs a catchy design and fantastic get-up. Due to this reason understanding the design part is important knowledge for hire an iOS programmer. Suppose he has a lack of idea about the design part, mostly UI and UX design; he should not be treated as an experienced iOS programmer.


  • Grand Central Dispatch

As an iOS programmer, one should understand the Grand Central Dispatch. The Grand Central Dispatch is used for apple devices. This is a core element of Apple devices. It is termed GCD, and its main task is to provide users a smooth and issues using experience. The app is simultaneous in nature. The basic foundation of an app is to gather data from the internet and display the data as per human inputs. For the apple device, GCD is doing all this. So, if you want to be a good iOS developer, you should know about the Grand Central Dispatch.


  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines

To become a good iOS programmer, you should know the apple human interface guidelines. This is the primary need to be an iOS programmer. If someone really doesn’t know about apple human interface guidelines, he can’t start the development program. If one can understand the apple human interface guideline effectively,  he can develop the application in a well-versed, robust and useful manner. This guideline will help the iOS programmer to develop a robust interface. It will give the highest level of impact, high quality of space, superior visual experience, etc. If someone really wants to be a good iOS developer, he must know about these guidelines. Without knowing this guideline, one can’t be a good iOS programmer.


  • Swift 3.0 programming language

Knowledge about the programming language is one of the main keys to be a good programmer or developer. Suppose you want to be a good iOS programmer; you need to know and understand Swift 3.0 programming very well. This programming language is the apple core programming language. It helps you to develop iOS mobile apps in an easy manner. This is the authorized programming language used to develop iOS mobile applications. Remember The Swift 3.0 is the main programming language to use for iOS mobile app development. One should know this language in a good manner. You have to understand the basic knowledge of this language. For example, you need to know the functionalities like Object-C Interoperability, Control Flow, Basic Syntax, Classed, inheritance and initialization and Error Handling, etc. These are the basic functionalities of Swift 3.0 programming.


  • Need to Learn iOS Platform Deeply

To be a good iOS programmer, one needs to study about iOS platform. Without proper knowledge of this platform, one can’t work properly. So, one should learn the platform very well. The following points can give you a basic idea of what you should learn to develop an iOS application as an iOS programmer.

Understand ‘Apple Developer’ (formerly known as the Apple Developer Connection or ADC) from an overview perspective. Apple Developer consists of the sources you will want to write the software program for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Learn Xcode and Interface Builder in-depth. Xcode is the IDE or built-in improvement environment that you want to advance software programs for iOS and different Apple software. To run Xcode, you will want a laptop strolling macOS. Interface Builder will enable you to create iOS interfaces with the use of a GUI (graphical consumer interface).

Auto Layout: Learning to use Auto Layout inside Xcode will assist you in constructing personal interfaces for units of distinctive sizes.

Table views: Table views are every other critical factor of the consumer interface that will assist you in controlling long-scrolling lists in iOS apps.

Containers and storyboards: Containers assist you in creating display screen navigation glides in your iOS app, whilst storyboards enable you to sketch and arrange navigation flows created by the usage of containers.



At last, we can say that the above discussion can offer you to know the basic fundamental ideas about the learning process to be a good iOS programmer. But to be a well-versed developer, you must grow your knowledge each day. Learning is a never-ending process. So, keep going with your learning process until you become the best ios programmer.