The Best iOS Apps That You Should Use

iOS apps

TechsPlace | An iPhone or iPad are not loaded with the best apps then it is for sure that you are not utilizing your gadget to the fullest. There are innumerable apps that can be loaded on your iPhone or iPad to maximize the benefit of the gadget. There are a number of apps that are available to load into your iPhone and iPad. If the widely used social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are in your mind then there are yet many more apps for you to use. There are so many apps that need to be applauded for the utility or benefit that they deliver. In this article we dive in the ocean of iOS apps and bring out the gems of the apps that are best suited for you:

1. Clips (free)- If the snapchat’s funky filters attracts you but you are too tired of the social networks then Apple’s clip is apt for you. Clips let the users of the apple gadgets to shoot stills and videos and add the funkiest filters. It also features live titles, sub titles while you speak this account for their popularity. The only demerit they put up is that you have to repeat many times as it does not listen efficiently for the first time.

2. Lake (free)- It is a fun coloring book that helps you to relax and distress after a hectic day at work. It is like by people of all age groups. The app presents free illustrations on daily basis. The users can unlock and color one new illustration, the option of colors is from different range right from acrylic to watercolor brush to spray paint to a fill tool with the facility of gradient color wheel and also custom made palettes. In-app purchases presents new coloring books where as a subscription to this app can unlock all the content.

3. Enlight (paid)- It is definitely a must app for your gadget. It combines powerful photo editing tools with easy controls to provide premium quality results on the mobile phones. It features color and tone controls, filters and other editing tools, and also combines seamless effect blending. It provides value for money facilities to seamlessly correct the photos and photo mixing tools are also best utility tools for the purpose.

4. Bear (free)- This app is for the writer in you. Bear is a flexible writing and note- taking app that is mostly suited for jotting down quick notes, doodling, or penning down a poetry or prose. It has a wide coverage from penning the business note via focus mode. It encompasses a markup editor that supports twenty different programming languages. This app combines the benefit of Apple pencil and hand sketching facilitates easy and simple inclusion of adding scribbles, doodles, illustrations.  It also includes cross-note links, tag support for multiple files and extra editing tools.

5. Word Flow (free)- The Microsoft portal presents interesting and quite amazing app projects for mobile devices and one of them is Word Flow, it is an iOS keyboard substitute, formulated to work for one- handed, thumb- swiping typing. This app presents the keyboard in a radical arc, this presentation facilitates easy swiping with the thump to the right keys without being disturbed by the painful contortions. It also features customizable background, auto correct engine and also recommendations.

6. Patronus (free in- app purchases)- This a perfect security app for your apple gadget. This app presents location sharing and also mobile service of 911 that enables the dispatchers to locate you instantly with the help of your cellular phones GPS sensors. It also helps the users to share their location and destination with their contacts on the map link and also see users progress on the map link. It is a very systematic app because as soon as you reach the destination the app dispatches a message and shuts off location sharing feature. It has the best feature of 911 in case of emergency as it helps to locate you easily rather than relying on the weak cellphone towers signal. Additionally it allows your trusted contacts to get automatically notified regarding your emergency calls. Lock screen support, notification widgets, and Apple Watch support promotes an emergency call from an locked phone.

7. Forest (paid) – Now this one is an interesting and rewarding app. You will be amused with the fact that they want you to control your addiction of mobile phone usage. It works like you having to plant a tiny sapling and set timer. If could resist the temptation of not touching your gadget until the timer sets off you are rewarded with a tree in the virtual world.

Apps from the mac world set it apart from its competitors and the iOS apps are the best in class and usage.