7 Programs to Make Free Educational Videos

Make Free Educational Videos

TechsPlace | If you are looking for ways to create free educational videos for class, do not miss this list of programs to make videos.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to be an expert to create a video easily thanks to the Internet and the different platforms that exist. Today we are going to talk about some programs to make educational videos that you can find the most useful in the class.

1 – FlexClip, to create animated videos and presentations

FlexClip is an online tool with which you can create videos and animated presentations in a simple way, and make your classes much more dynamic. It is a free online tool with millions of stock media choices, and the possibilities to add text, music, and voiceovers to create videos with your customized style. FlexClip is very easy to use that anyone can work with it without the previous editing experience.

2 – Pixorial, a great online video editor

Pixorial is an online video editor with which you can upload multimedia files from your own computer, or from social networks so that it is then possible to order them and add different transitions and then export them easily. With this, you can create academic works in a simple way by collecting videos and photographs that you find on the internet.

In addition, it has a plan that is designed specifically for educators so that you can get free space for students, as well as special prices (with a free first year) for teachers.

3 – Wevideo, a famous online publisher

We continue with our list of programs to make videos with Wevideo, a well-known online video editor with which you can add photographs, text, videos, and different special effects to be able to make videos of all kinds. In addition, it has different special options to use in the classroom that also allow collaborative work.

4 – Teachem, a tool for using existing videos

Here we have a tool somewhat different to the programs to make videos commented previously. This is Teachem, a platform that, instead of being to create videos, helps you to use existing videos and organize them into lessons to be able to group the contents that you have created in other programs or platforms.

5 – Movenote, very useful for teachers

Movenote is an online tool that turns out to be very useful for any teacher. Here you can create tutorials, lessons, or different educational videos in a simple way for your classes. The tool allows you to record the explanations you want about a certain topic and, in addition, you can also upload other things such as images or links. It is focused on the new educational concept of Flipped Classroom and has applications for iOS and Android mobile devices.

6 – Animoto, ideal for educational videos

Animoto is a very simple online tool with which you can create online educational videos from photographs or other multimedia materials. It is a very intuitive platform, since, when you enter it, it tells you all the steps you must follow to create your educational videos.

7 – Videolean, a simple way to create videos

We finish this list of programs to make videos with the online platform Videolean, which is aimed at the creation of professional videos, but it can also be very useful when creating your educational video. The tool has a wide variety of templates depending on the purpose of your video, which you can also customize at your leisure, as it allows you to change texts, images, and music easily. Once you finish with your video, you can preview it in a low-resolution video. On the other hand, to be able to access an HD version and share it on different channels, it would be necessary to make a payment plan.

As you see, you have at your disposal a large number of programs to make educational videos for free and without needing to be an expert in the field. This is because they are tools that are very easy to use and have many resources that you can take advantage of.