Ultimate Guide to Writing a Master’s Thesis in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

TechsPlace | Writing a Master’s thesis in digital marketing is a constant balancing between practical reality and theoretical knowledge you got during your Marketing course. It should not discourage you, as we bet, if you have chosen this specialty consciously, you will genuinely enjoy working on your Master’s, as you will have an opportunity to show everything you have learned and offer some excellent ideas in the field you find interesting and perspective. Let’s get straight to business and make a plan which will help you to write a quality…

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6 Tips for Building an Audience and Creating a Brand

Building an Audience

TechsPlace | It seems that in the modern day, everyone wants to find success online. This goes for whether you are an individual, a company or a website. However, that is easier said than done. There is a lot of competition out there and finding success can prove difficult. One of the most important aspects of being a success online is to build an audience or create a brand. The larger your brand or the larger the audience you have, the more sales you will generate. Even if sales aren’t…

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Monitor Employees Remotely With This Ethical Way

Monitor Employees

TechsPlace | Nowadays, employee tracking has become an important part of every organization. The trust deficit between the employees and employers is one of the major factors which led to this acceptable phenomenon. Various options are used when it comes to Monitor Employees. Some companies use video surveillance while others prefer employee monitoring tools. Is It Ethical to Monitor Employees? Before we discuss the best idea or option to track employees, it is important to understand the laws and legal considerations of tracking employees. It should be noted that tracking…

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7 Programs to Make Free Educational Videos

Make Free Educational Videos

TechsPlace | If you are looking for ways to create free educational videos for class, do not miss this list of programs to make videos. Nowadays, it is not necessary to be an expert to create a video easily thanks to the Internet and the different platforms that exist. Today we are going to talk about some programs to make educational videos that you can find the most useful in the class. 1 – FlexClip, to create animated videos and presentations FlexClip is an online tool with which you can…

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Why Search Engine Optimization is Essential for eCommerce

E-Commerce Web Design

TechsPlace | Whenever you hear of eCommerce, web traffic, Google ranking, SEO is not very far behind. It might just be the foundation that supports it all. SEO is the omnipresent element of the eCommerce industry. It is what makes your website stand out among the hundreds and thousands of other businesses online. On the other hand, forgoing SEO could quickly drop you to the bottom of the barrel where even the search engine bots can’t find you. Search Engine Optimization has become such a vital part of any marketing…

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Significance of Website Designing

Website designing

TechsPlace | A business, no matter how flourished it is, must have a website worth noticing. Businesses are meant to be the attention grabbers. A poorly constructed website can leave a bad impact on the audience and may lead to lesser profits. Great website design comes a long way in highlighting your online presence and you should do a great Website designing. Sure, everything starts from a basic, but leaving the things on their basics is worse than not creating something. For a website, it is as similar to child…

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9 Powerful Ways to Speed up WordPress Websites

Speed up WordPress Websites

TechsPlace | Faster connection speeds and better devices have made modern-day internet users more and more impatient. Chances are that you would not have been reading this article if it took too long to load. Website owners need to factor in these considerations otherwise they cannot get in front of relevant audiences. Google and some other search engines also use the page loading speed as a ranking factor. In this article, we are discussing ways to speed up WordPress websites. The open source CMS is one of the most popular…

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7 Dangerous Cyber Security Threats That Businesses Should Guard Against In the Future

Cyber Security

TechsPlace | News of data breaches and cyber attacks made headlines in the news more frequently than ever before. That is not good news for businesses. Cyber security experts agree that malicious attacks will become more sophisticated with the passage of time, making it more difficult to protect your digital assets against them. All this reinforces how important a cyber security plan really is in such a situation. It is quite unfortunate to know that most don’t have a cyber security plan and strategy, which leave them at the mercy…

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