Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

Mobile App Development

TechsPlace | The users have seen tremendous changes in the business services that have attracted and connected with many companies in the previous year and the same evolution of mobile app technology continues in the year 2019. The Smartphones are arranged with many advanced features and updates that made users spend more time with Smartphone to order anything within the mobile devices itself.

On average users are spending 2.5 hours a day on smartphones and another statics report says 90% of time spent on mobile apps. From food ordering to booking cab users are using mobile apps for their convenient time and place, as it plays a vital role in the business era.

This reports and statics show that mobile app development is essential for a business to reach more customers globally. The adoption of the mobile app in any business helps to extend from local to global, as a business owner can provide services and sell their products global market. So, mobile app development services have proved as a powerful alternative for reaching the target audience.

The mobile app development companies are tending to identify the trends to implement in their projects. So many app developers, experts, and business owner are wondering about the new trends in 2019 that can expect to dominate. Here some mobile app development trends that we can suspect.

Virtual Reality Mobile Apps

The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology have been extending tremendously in the mobile apps development process. Most of the app developers realized that integrating virtual reality in developing mobile apps helps to create business opportunities.

This trend has been provided essentially by the addition to the need for VR mobile apps. With the help of VR technology in the mobile apps, a user can see the virtual presence of services and products before buying that creates a virtual sense of the environment in the real feeling mode.

As per the recent survey report from statistics, the AR and VR technology will reach 60% in all respective business areas within the year 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

The program developed to operate a computer or device that exactly thinks similar to human intelligence to perform tasks such as read, study and respond is called Artificial Intelligence.

By integrating Artificial Intelligence in the mobile apps helps to reach more customers that drive more insights from the customer data and provides exact conclusions to improve the business. This artificial intelligence is applied in the enterprise apps to enhance sales, can identify malfunctions, improves customer experience, automation in the business process and provides predictive analysis report to develop the business in the competition era. This features and functions created demand for AI development companies that help the business owner to grow in the evolution of the year 2019.

Blockchain Technology

The trending towards the integration of top-notch technologies has been reshaping in all business areas. The blockchain is a digital decentralized technology helping enterprises to authorize and can distribute the digital data, assets, and ledgers securely in the network. Every person in the network can view the data but cannot modify or delete the data shared.

At present Blockchain has impacted and collaborated on the mobile app development process to make digital transactions activities safe and reliable and also maintains users details safe. At present, Blockchain technology reaching more business areas and achieving popularity as it has stable functions in every transaction made. Mobile app developers have identified the importance of blockchain and started collaborating in the mobile app development process.

Internet of Things ( IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is used to connect in the home appliances, software devices, and other devices to share and exchange data over the network without the interference of human involvement.

This technology can include automobiles, hospitals, and all wearables etc that drives real-time analytics by collecting data from various devices. Adopting IoT technology in mobile apps helps to reduce expenses in the business and can control the actions from one spot for all the devices.

It can predict the failures in the production process and helps to reduce downtime, as it enhances overall productivity. In the coming years IoT impacts in the space of business that can result in profitable and drives various benefits with adoption.

Cloud Integration

Cloud computing has been recognized with improving competitiveness through cost minimization, excellent compliance, flexibility, and optimal support utilization. By adopting cloud software in mobile apps, can benefit in many ways, as it provides an agile method for development.

The mobile apps updates automatically with the help of cloud as it doesn’t require any access to user data. It plays a major role in security roles. The mobile app development companies have identified the impact of cloud solutions that help to eliminate the data loss and it stores data safely.

So it is proved that above-mentioned points show it will be the future of mobile apps come with the cloud that enhances IT needs and leverage data analytics.

Mobile Payments

At present, due to the impact of mobile phones, we are doing shopping through our smartphones. The user prefers mobile apps to buy or sell products, as mobile payments have become the most prominent thing today than ever before.

There is an expected to reach more than 80% of all transactions are held with digital payments via smartphones within the 2022 year. The popularity of mobile payment applications and mobile banking is still growing as well. It shows we are more willing to use smart devices and cards to pay than carry the physical money with us.

We can see the demand for mobile app payments has grown tremendously and replaces the traditional way of paying. The users utilize mobile payments to save time and realized the benefits to transfer cash via mobile apps.


We conclude that making yourself up-to-date with the latest trends in the opener that creates more business opportunities. The app developments companies can look at the above technologies have major impacts on both customers and companies also. The users are performing all the personal and professional activities such as chatting, shopping, food ordering, and booking cab, etc. These are mobile app development trends impacts in coming years that helps business to stay ahead in the competition.