Extract Emails from Google Apps – Step By Step Guide

extract emails from google apps

TechsPlace | Cloud technology has a positive impact on our daily lives. It helps organizations reduce costs, increase scalability and provides a big boost to their productivity. Every day, more and more individuals and businesses alike prefer cloud over the local systems to store and operate upon data. G Suite and Office 365 have played a major part in the rise of the cloud as a service. Both these suites lead the cloud productivity apps arena with overwhelming numbers. In this blog, we will take a look at the G…

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How to Migrate G Suite Business to Office 365 Productivity Suite?

g suite business to office 365

TechsPlace | Both G Suite and Office 365 are cloud productivity suites with collaboration tools. But they seem to have established a domain in different business levels. While G Suite is the most preferred cloud suite for small scale industries, Office 365 with its ability to work offline has established itself at the enterprise level. Medium-scale firms that start with G Suite gradually switch to Office 365 with increasing scalability. Here, we will demonstrate how to migrate G Suite business to Office 365 account. The focus will be on email…

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