Effective Way to Backup Photos to Google Drive (G Suite)

backup photos to google drive

TechsPlace | Question’s that users frequently ask on how to backup photos to google drive? My company project contains a lot of images & I don’t want to lose a single bit of data. May be due to system crashing or hard drive corruption I don’t want to lose my data. So, I decided to take its backup. Is there any solution that can upload the complete project as well as backup photos to Google Drive (G Suite). I am working in a Small Enterprise and my office is shifting their location…

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The Best Link Building Strategies in 2020

Guest Posting

TechsPlace | Some years back, link building was centered on quantity and not quality. Things are no longer the same since the world is continually changing and evolving at a quick pace; link building gained value and is now centered on quality rather than quantity. More attention is given to quality instead of quantity. The link building methodology is a continuous process and takes time to build one. The article focuses solely on link building strategies in 2020. The pages you gather links from should be proficient and of high…

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4 Tips for Organizing Your Files as a Freelancer

Organizing Your Files

TechsPlace | When you’re a freelancer, regardless of whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer, a photographer, or a virtual assistant, you have to communicate with your clients on a one-on-one basis. This creates a lot of back-and-forth emails and other paperwork, which can easily turn into an unorganized mess. Keep your freelance business running smoothly with these organizational tips for organizing your files as a freelancer. Clear Out and Organize Your Digital Folders It’s always a good idea to save your files in the cloud, using Google Drive or…

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Is Security For Your Electronics Important When You Work From Home?

Security For Your Electronics

TechsPlace | Security is one of the top things businesses priorities when it comes to their tech and electronic devices. Unfortunately, this does not remain a priority for people who work from home. There is a certain level of comfort that comes with working from your very own residence and most times, this false sense of security can make you careless when it comes to protecting your devices. The main question is “Is Security For Your Electronics Important When You Work From Home?” To better understand why it’s important to…

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Easy Ways on How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically

Gain Instagram Followers

TechsPlace | Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives and whether its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform, people are always in a race to increase their followers be it for marketing or other purposes. These platforms are a very productive way of growing one’s business and do marketing because of the sheer number of people using these platforms. Here we are going to tell you how marketers and business people can gain followers to expand their approach on Instagram. Instagram is a popular…

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What are the Steps in the New Software Product Development Process?

Software Product Development

TechsPlace | With the lifestyle of people becoming tech-intensive, it has induced software to become an integral part of their daily routine. It is quite difficult to actually imagine any activity which isn’t powered by some type of computer-related process. Also, businesses are now rapidly deploying their own software in order to boost the efficiency of their business operations and management. There is a huge demand for software that opens up new avenues for software development services. Software development is certainly a highly organized process with various precise procedures, along…

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Tips And Tricks for Running Your Startup More Efficiently

Running Your Startup

TechsPlace | Starting a business can be quite a stressful experience. There are many things that you need to worry about and care for, that you might get lost in the endless seas of paperwork and bureaucracy. What’s more, you might be worried that taking some wrong step will end up with you losing your business or wasting your prospects and going bankrupt! Luckily, this doesn’t need to be so gloomy! There are some easy things that you can do which will make running your startup more efficiently! In this…

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How to Make Your Work in Photoshop More Effective


TechsPlace | Sometimes, immersed in routine work, we miss some moments and stop learning. And in vain, because some interesting and useful features of Photoshop can really help and speed up the process of creating a design. And after the release of the sixth version of our favorite graphic editor, there are new and very useful features that will help make your work more efficient. Today we talk about the new features of Photoshop CC (2020.21.0), as well as remember the old ones. Customize your Workspace You probably know that…

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