MBOX to PST Converter – Import Bulk MBOX File into MS Outlook

MBOX to PST Converter

TechsPlace | Many times, users look for the solution ‘how to import bulk MBOX file into MS Outlook?’ The answer to this question is discussed in this post. Along with the solutions, we are going to disclose some of the common reasons to perform MBOX to PST Conversion. So, without any time wastage, let us move ahead. Introduction – MBOX & PST and why converts MBOX file to PST? MBOX and PST both are different file formats and supports different email clients. MBOX file is supported by Thunderbird, Mac Mail,…

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Top 7 Tips In Creating Dynamic Business Presentation

Business Presentation

TechsPlace | Let’s be honest. Business presentation tends to be boring. To come up with something attention-catching and dynamic, you have to work hard. The short attention span of listeners must be catered to. Otherwise, you could easily lose the audience mid-presentation. Business owners and team leaders around the world try to come up with a dynamic business presentation, which could get the point through quickly and efficiently without hearing the audience yawn. We’ve collected seven most useful tips for making your presentation truly interesting and appealing to the audience.…

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Different Types of Jabra And Plantronics Headsets for Office Use

Headsets for Office

TechsPlace | Jabra and Plantronics are the two leading brands for corded and wireless office headsets. It is tough to decide which one is better than the other as both the brands are providing their best in the market. It is more of the personal preference, use, and budget than the brand. Jabra is making more variety of the office headsets with different features at a different price to fulfill the needs of the offices at every level than Plantronics for both wireless and corded headsets. Jabra developed the first…

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End of Life Products And How They Can Impact Your Business

Impact Your Business

TechsPlace | Most products have a finite lifespan, even if that’s not necessarily obvious. In an IT context, the lifespan of a piece of hardware will typically be determined partly by its build quality and partly by its usage. The lifespan of a piece of software, however, will typically be determined by market forces that directly impact your business. The life cycle of a piece of software When a piece of software is launched on the market, it will either develop a user base or it won’t. If it develops…

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Digital Agency is an Advertising Agency For Brands With Ambition

Internet Marketing

TechsPlace | Digital Agency is a company that provides services for online businesses in the field of digital technologies. As a rule, it carries out brand promotion through the use of digital communication channels. To advertise a client’s company or form its positive image, it uses social networks, contextual and media advertising, website promotion, advertising in mobile applications, reputation management. Digital-agency interacts with the client at the expert level. The staff of such a company employs qualified professionals who are ready to provide a full range of services in the…

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WordPress or HubSpot: What to Choose

WordPress or HubSpot

TechsPlace | Platforms such as open-source CMS and CRM systems make it possible for anyone to establish their presence online. There is also the option of hiring offshore software development services like Offshore Development Centers, or ODC teams, to build and manage it for you. But what are CMS and CRM systems? And how does one go about choosing one? What is best CMS WordPress or HubSpot? Content Management System A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application used to create, manage, and distribute content throughout the internet. It…

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Can You Trust a Machine That Thinks Like Us?

Artificial intelligence

TechsPlace | Artificial intelligence (AI) is seeping into every aspect of our modern life. Be it choosing what to watch on YouTube, tagging your friends on Facebook, or solving complex problems. Some scientists have even started using the technology for space exploration and scientific discoveries. Others are experimenting with Artificial intelligence algorithms on critical sectors, such as healthcare, national surveillance, driverless vehicles, and criminal sentencing. Actually, we are at a unique point in life where AI-driven machines could soon be making major decisions that affect our lives. A recent study…

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How to Find the Best Website Redesigning Company

Website designing

TechsPlace | Making your website all solid and perfect is your job as a businessman because this very thing will bring you the profit that you have desired for. However, for this task, you need the help of professionals, and proper work can be found only by research. Is your business losing its color day by day? You’re seeing the rank is going down too? Then what you need to do is to check the web design you have, and you will surely find some faults in there. This is…

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