6 Reasons Why You Need To Register Your Trucking Business

Trucking Business

TechsPlace | Owning a business is everyone’s right in this capitalistic world. Businessmen have a right to enjoy the profit they earn through the hard work and all the effort they put into their businesses. However, just like people every business has a moral duty to comply with the regulatory rules and laws laid down by the state it is operating in. Like every other business, trucking companies are expected to get their business registered.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority (FMCSA) is the body responsible for registering all the commercial vehicles through their fmcsa registration form. Registration of commercial vehicles with the USDOT number and the Motor Carrier (MC) number comes with several advantages. Not only do you get to be your boss, but you can also enjoy medical and legal insurance along with the insurance of vehicles. Enlisted below are the six reasons why you should register your trucking business company.


1. Be Your Own Boss

Once you have registered your trucking business with the FMCSA registration, you get to be your own boss. The USDOT number and MC number provide you with the authority. Having a trucking authority means you can operate your business the way you like it, with permission from the government. It secures your business and hence, is a critical step towards your career growth. Similarly, Carrier Authority means that you can haul whatever load you like and deliver it wherever you want your business to grow. It sort of gives independence and freedom to operate your trucking business.


2. Know Where Your Freight Comes From

When operating a trucking business, it is your right to know where your freight is coming from. You don’t want to wait for clients to come forward. This causes a delay in the shipping process, consequently damaging your business. Registering your trucking business with the FMCSA regulations allows you to keep an eye on the whereabouts of your pickups. You can run your Trucking company more smoothly and efficiently.


3. Save Time

Gone are the days when you had to stand in line for hours to submit your registration form. Today, you can fill out and submit your registration forms within minutes. What is more surprising is that it takes as little as only an hour to get a DOT number. Not only does the registration time is significantly reduced but also you can save time during the auditing process. When a trucker is given an MC number, it becomes quite easy to find and audit the records of that business. One less thing to worry about while running your business.


4. Operate Interstate Hassle-free

Fmcsa registration allows truckers to operate interstate without any hassle. The reason why registration of a trucking company is needed is that some states require permits to operate interstate. Once a trucking company gets a verified DOT number, it can easily operate in different states without worrying about any other legalities. If a trucking company gets an international license along with the interstate permit, it can easily cross borders with Canada as well.


5. Driver-friendly rules

A trucking company registered with FMCSA registration is bound to follow rules and regulations set by the authority. Fmcsa offers driver-friendly rules. These rules make sure that the rights of the drivers are protected. For instance, the 30-minute break rule allows drivers to take a 30-minute break when they feel tired. This is for a distance that takes longer than 8 hours. These relaxable rules protect and secure driver’s rights and privileges, making a trucking business a better career choice.


6. Insurance of life and property

The fMCSA registered truckers have an opportunity to better insurance policies as compared to non-registered businesses. Fmcsa provides medical insurance for drivers that may be involved in any kind of accident on-duty. All the commercial vehicles owned by the company are also insured. This removes a huge financial strain in case of an accident. In case the company is being sued for some reason, the lawyer’s fees are also covered in the insurance. This protects the company from any unwanted or unnecessary expenses under undesirable circumstances