Professionals You Need to Hire to Succeed in Small Business

Small Business

TechsPlace | No matter how capable you are, you simply cannot do it all on your own, nor should you. Having a great team on your side is probably the single most important thing for the success of your company, seeing as how it dictates your efficiency when performing core tasks of your business. Nonetheless, hiring a person with the same set of skills over and over again is never a good practice, even if the person you’re cloning (so to speak) is the best employee that you have. Instead, you need people who are skilled at different tasks and here are seven examples of professionals you need to hire to succeed in small business.

  1. Public relations

Before you even start thinking about running a business, you need to keep in mind that the image of your company depends on the perception that both your audience and your team have of it. Sure, there are some things that can be observed objectively, yet, most of the time, one and the same story can be twisted so that it goes strongly in your favor, even if it doesn’t. The best example of this could be seen this year when a hotel owner from Dublin used a controversy regarding their hotel and a vlogger, Elle Darby, to boost the popularity of their brand. Had he been less skilled at PR, things could have easily gone the other way.

  1. Human resources

Human resources (HR) is probably one of the most important departments in your company. Aside from handling payments, estimating the efficiency of your staff and making sure that everyone within your employ is treated fairly, they are also vital in the coordination of your teams and overall company unity. So, finding the right people for this job needs to become one of your top priorities.

  1. Tech professionals

In the era of the internet, cloud computing and smart devices, there’s virtually no industry that isn’t highly dependent on high technology. For instance, you publish your content in various formats (blog posts, videos, infographics), which means that you need someone capable of editing and optimizing them for the platform they’re to be posted on. Then, you use collaboration software for your remote workers, yet, this platform itself may require no small amount of maintenance. Finally, you might feel the need to develop your own tool, platform or app in order to offer something of value to your clients.

  1. Financial accountant

Your company’s finances are a determining factor in the way it works, which means that you need assistance from a skilled financial accountant as soon as possible. Sure, this is one of the positions you don’t have to fill in in-house, seeing as how an NSW-based company always has the option to outsource to a renowned tax accountant from Sydney. By having a tax expert on your team, you’re not just boosting your company’s financial stability, but also finding different ways to cut costs. Most commonly, this takes place through various tax deductions of which you, as a layman, would be completely unaware.

  1. Multi-disciplinarian

In a major company or a conglomerate, there are enough people on your team to start specializing, yet, what happens when a single person takes a leave in a five-people-strong startup? Well, you usually need someone to fill in or help out, which is why each small business needs to have at least one multi-disciplinarian on their retainer. Even when no one is on leave, such a person more than pulls their weight, yet, once the going gets tough or a single task starts demanding a bit more attention, a skilled multi-disciplinarian becomes a priceless addition to your team.

  1. Marketing expert

Earlier, we talked about a PR representative as one of the first experts you want to hire, which makes a lot of people ask aren’t a PR rep and marketing expert the same? Well, they can be, but it’s often better to hire two experts with separate specializations instead. A marketing expert is not only a person capable of creating outstanding content, they also know where, when and why they need to post it in order to get the maximum response. This alone would be reason enough to make the hire.

  1. Efficient leader

In the end, for the time being, you might feel like you can run the show on your own, but how long will this idea hold true? Once your staff grows large enough, you might want to expand your operations and add another, partially independent, team to your company’s roster. In order not to strain yourself too much by having to juggle between two different teams, projects and even internal team models, it might be for the best to start hiring promising future leaders as soon as possible.


From all the above-listed, it’s more than clear that sometimes hiring isn’t your only solution. Still, some tasks are cheaper done in-house, others believe this is more reliable, while some people feel no small dose of mental reassurance knowing that their HR or PR are done on the spot. This, however, is a choice that only you as an entrepreneur can make.