5 Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone Users

Video Editing Apps

TechsPlace | Gone are the days when apps on iPhones would be boring and uninteresting. With the advancement of technology, more and more users are being able to make use of various apps that are available. If you are wondering what editing apps you should use and how you can improve the quality of your ideas, take a look at some of the best video editing apps we have enlisted below. They are doing really well in the market today and are being used by millions of people.


If you are an Apple user, then you definitely need to use iMovie. This is one of the most helpful apps that has helped people from everywhere and its certainly useful if you are making your channel on YouTube. With iMovie, you will be able to import videos and photos into various projects and edit them in an environment that is highly intuitive. You can also add slice videos on the timeline and add transitions. Scrubbing through the project is helpful. You can drag the finger on your screen.


Videoshop comes next. It is one of the best and most powerful video editors you can find in today’s generation. It gives you a whole plethora of operations on the videos that can be recorded directly within the app itself. You can import them from the camera roll. Once that is done, make sure to add text to the clip, add a bit of narration and add more tips if required. This tool will also allow you to add more transitions between the clips and can be used to perform a lot of manipulation on the videos.


The third most effective video editor app for all iPhone users has to be Cameo. This one has been developed by all the folks at Vimeo. This offers you some of the most basic abilities and it works quite well if you give it a shot. Cameo is the perfect option in so many ways. You can import some photos, videos with the help of a camera roll, trim them if you need, add some themes and music and apply them on the video directly. Cameo has become increasingly popular these days because of the various features it is certainly something you should try.


Quik is one app available for iPhone users that we promise you will love. It can help you use videos to the fullest and make it look attractive and beautiful. Whether you are using Instagram or Facebook, it will give you some massively good results. For this, you will have to select videos and photos that you want to edit, then get those options you want to highlight, add them to the video clips etc. However, you will have to get options in order to change the formats between the square and the cinema. You may also change the music background, add a few filters and before you know it, your results are there.


Magisto is a great editing app for iPhone users we would also recommend you try asap. You may not get features such as adding overlays, texts and tilt shifts, you will still get a whole lot of simplicity you may try. Within the app, you will have to import the videos and photos and choose a theme for it at the same time. By using the app, you will open yourself to a whole bunch of themes that are available. Once that has been done, you will also get the option to add some music to the video and pick the options on how long you would like it to be.

Video Crop

Video Crop is a great app which performs the best if cropping videos is on your mind. If you can do something in a quick and smooth, you have to check Video Crop. The interface is very intuitive. You can choose the video you wish to crop and then choose the area you would like to. Video Crop is growing high in terms of popularly and if you want to do edit your videos in the best way possible, Video Crop is what you need.