7 Tips for Team Building: How to Build Successful Business Work Teams

Team Building

TechsPlace | In simple words, teamwork is a collaborative endeavor of the teammates to accomplish a predefined goal. According to Ken Blanchard, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” I absolutely agree with him; effective teamwork matters when it comes to reaching a common goal. Teamwork helps to solve challenging work and boom new opportunities for each member of the group. Moreover, strong teamwork opens the doors of two-way communication and collaboration in the working premises. Check out these 7 tips for team building.

What are the Benefits of a Strong Team?

There are so many benefits of strong team building, which are as follow:

  • Teamwork increases employee productivity because they can divide the work according to their skills and ability.
  • Effective teamwork blends complementary strength, which increases the productivity of individuals.
  • Each team member has various skills that are why it drives innovation in the working premises.
  • Teamwork boosts the engagement of the employees because they are assigned the task according to their likes.
  • Teamwork enhances flexibility in the workplace because they all know their role and responsibilities, so they work according to each other’s convenience.
  • If teammates work cooperatively with each other, they will overcome obstacles and handle any hiccups effectively.
  • Effective teamwork builds trust among all the team members also enhances trustworthiness towards the team leader.
  • Conflict resolution becomes easy when all the team members are working collaboratively and so on.


7 Tips For Build A Powerful Team

The human resource department of an organization is working on team-building activities. They have online hr management software to manage employees in the working premises, but they don’t have any technical tools for building a strong team. So, the following are some tips to build a powerful team that ultimately beneficial for an organization:


1. Understand What Sound Team Is

An excellent team does not build automatically; as a manager, you have to give your hundred percent efforts to make it compelling enough to accomplish any goal. For understanding what the sound team is? You have to discuss the following elements with your team members:

Clear Object

Each team member must be aware of the goal for which they are working. For example, if you want to promote your business and suggest ways of promotions like; blogging, social media platforms, flyers, hoardings, TV ads, etc., then they must be aware of the actual object of doing all the activities.

Clear Role

Each team member must be aware of his/her role in the group and an organization. Moreover, they must know about the hierarchical structure of the firm so that they can have a clear idea about how, where, and when to report their work to the senior.

Flawless Communication

If any team member has any query or wants to tell some new idea that helps the company to grow, they must be able to communicate with his/her immediate superior. In short, enhance the communication channel as smoothly as possible.


Teamwork is not about a compilation of individual goals; it is all about achieving a common goal together. Thus, cooperation among all team members is needed.

Individual Development With The Team

Even though we are talking about the team, we don’t just have to watch the company’s goal, but we also must watch over the individual’s development.


2. Strong Leadership

With strong leadership, the manager can build an effective vision, and with a sound team, he/she can achieve it. The right leader creates a transparent and trustworthy working environment. The below listed are some effective things that might help you to build effective leadership:

Think On Big Picture

All the decisions you make as the manager must be achievable and transparent because you need your employee for a longer-term. That is why, while building a team, thinking from a prolonged period perspective is essential.

Assign Task With Responsibility

A good leader always trusts his teammates; that is why he assigns not the only task to complete but also some responsibility to take over. If you assign responsibility to tasks, they feel that they actually matter to you, which increases their performance.

Effective Communication

A good leader is constantly seeking two-way communication. It also helps the team members to resolve their queries and work effectively.

Honest And Friendly Relation

A good leader always enhances honest and friendly relations with their team members. The strong bond between employees and employers helps the workforce to grow faster.


3. Strong Connection Between Team Members

Diversification in working premises is natural, but connectivity between team members is rare. The single rule of achieving the team spirit is to handle a diverse workforce within the working premises effectively.

Team Building Exercises

There are so many team-building exercises like communication and icebreaker games, problem-solving games and activities, memory wall, etc., which build trust between them. These exercises also motivate individuals and increase their productivity.

Enable Accuracy In Work

When we talk about accuracy, we directly point out the profitability because if employees’ working accuracy increases, their productivity increases, and ultimately, it will lead your business to higher profit. But for that, as the manager, you have to give power to your team to make decisions, take team meetings and allow them to communicate their opinion and feedback, etc., which helps teammates increase work accuracy.

Strong Collaboration

By enabling strong collaboration between teammates, you can quickly build a strong team. Additionally, it is essential to build a sound collaboration in a diverse group to benefit from it.


4. Establish Connectivity

Team members’ internal connectivity matters, to improve their connection you can allow your employees to take lunch together in the working premises, enhancing their personal relations. Additionally, you can arrange small get-together parties quarterly so that they can spend more time with each other.


5. Invite Contribution And Collaboration

When the manager talks about the team, he must think about an individual and the whole team, which creates a contributive and collaborative environment.

Set The Example

There are so many groups that set an example of team spirit, give that illustration to your teammates that boost their motivation.


Transparent working culture establishes a trustworthy working environment that increases employee productivity and helps them create a collaborative working environment.


6. Invest More in Team Building Activities

There are so many team-building activities that build trust and a collaborative working environment. Team building activities boost productivity, motivate employees, increases collaboration, improves communication, and encourages creativity in working premises. You can consider the following activities:

Fundraising Projects

Fundraising projects mean to invest in a project which gives you a handsome amount in return. As a manager, you have to choose something to invest in which will improve connectivity between your teammates, which leads all of them to accomplish the goal of the group.

Social Events

Arrange a picnic or an adventure trip with teammates, which allows them to understand each other. And select a place where they can spend time with each other and play games which improves their relations.

Outdoor Adventures

Employees are also human beings; they also want a break from their busy schedules. So planning such trips like hiking, sailing, climbing, etc., physical activities help them to build physical power, and also outdoor games help them too.

Indoor Activities

The best indoor activity that motivates them and builds team spirit between them is to arrange a movie evening. Hollywood movies that inspire your team are Remember The Titans (2000), Apollo 13 (1995), Miracle (2004), Thirteen Days (2000), etc., and Bollywood movies that influence a sound team are Chak De! India (2007), Manjhi: The Mountain Man (2015), Super 30 (2019), M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016), etc. Moreover, indoor team-building games also help you to build a collaborative culture.


7. Feedback

I include this point here in two contexts which are as follows:

  • A good leader always considers the feedback of his/her team members. As a team leader, you must include them in a decision-making activity and must consider their opinions and feedback because it is their hard work that enables the whole team to grow like never before. And another one is;
  • After implementing all the above strategies, there is a need to analyze the effectiveness of the same. And prepare an actionable feedback form and change it if necessary. These are the two contexts of this point.



You need to build some strategy to make your team stronger and to make an actionable plan; you need to ask some questions to yourself, that is: what are the long-term goals? What is a change management strategy? Which are the selected team-building strategies? How to handle diverse workforce, etc. As we know, business grows with a diverse workforce and unique Business ideas, so to handle a diverse staff, build a sound team is necessary.