How To Capture Better Quality Videos Using Screen Recording

Screen Recording

TechsPlace | Screen recorders have grown more and more user-friendly over the years, and nowadays there are many that will let you record your screen with just a click or two. At times the quality of the videos that you capture may not live up to your expectations however, and you may not know how to improve it.

If you want to start to capture better quality videos using screen recording, there are a few ways to go about it:

  • Record in the highest possible resolution

Just like with any video, a higher resolution will produce a video that looks clearer and with better definition. However unlike other types of videos, with screen recording the resolution is directly linked to the dimensions of the frame that you’re recording.

In other words the maximum resolution that you can record in will be the resolution of your display. Any smaller frame within that display will have a lower resolution, and as such in most cases it is best to record in full-screen if possible.

  • Increase the frame rate of the recording

Another factor that screen recording shares with other types of videos is the frame rate. A higher frame rate will produce videos that look smoother and any movement in the video will look more fluid.

For screen recording the frame rate is important, as there’s often a lot of movement taking place on-screen – including the mouse cursor. As such increasing the frame rate to 60 could make a world of difference to the video quality.

  • Optimize the system performance

Recording videos at high resolutions and frame rates will require quite a bit of processing power – which may affect your system performance. That isn’t ideal, as you don’t want your system to act up and lag or stutter while the recording is ongoing.

If necessary you should take steps to optimize your system performance. Most notably you should close any unnecessary apps and background processes to free up resources. In some cases that may not be enough, and you may have to upgrade your PC.

  • Encode in the right settings

After the recording is complete, be sure to encode the screen recording video in the right settings so that its quality remains good. Typically you should use the same resolution and frame rate that you recorded it in, and make sure the video bit-rate is high enough that it doesn’t affect the quality and compression artifacts don’t appear.

In some cases there may be other factors that affect the video quality as well. For example if you record Google Hangout using Movavi Screen Recorder then the quality of the video call will play a part.

Overall however the steps listed above should help you to ensure that the quality of your screen recording videos is as high as possible. After that it is simply a question of making sure that whatever you’re recording from your screen has impeccable quality as well so that the final video looks good.