How to Download Gmail Emails with Attachments in Simple Steps

Download Gmail Emails in Bulk

TechsPlace | Summary: As cyber attacks/ransomware attacks are increasing at a rapid pace, and user’s data stored on the cloud is not safe. So many tech experts recommend users to store a copy of their crucial data in system storage. The local copy comes into use if an attack by hackers takes place on your account. Thus, in this article, we will discuss how to download Gmail emails in bulk with attachments.

A Gmail account is almost a mandatory thing for users in today’s world, as it is required in all areas of registration for companies, organizations, exams, and other purposes. But now the important question comes in the user’s mind that is their data secure in cloud storage? The answer is no, as the incidents of cyber-attacks have increased a lot in the last few years.

Hackers are now smarter and know multiple ways to hack important business email accounts like Gmail for their personal benefits. In any case, if your Gmail account has been compromised, important password details or other confidential information has been compromised, and the account has been closed, you feel bad if there is no backup.

Downloading Gmail emails with attachments is the best possible prevention technique if any possible breach takes place in the future. We recommend that all users who have a Gmail account should have regular backups of their accounts. In this blog, we follow through on ways to download Gmail emails in bulk on local storage.

Manually Download Gmail Emails in Bulk

Users can also manually complete the entire task if they have enough time. This step involves using Google Takeout, where you can download the data stored in Google Account on your local system. Perform the following steps, as mentioned below:

1. Login to your Google account and open this URL.

2. Now, go to Data & Personalization tab on the left side.

3. Click on Download your data under Data & Personalization tab.

Google account

4. If you want to save emails only, then check the Mail option only and uncheck all other categories and click on Next button.

Mail option

5. You can also make changes in the data that you will download by customizing Export Type, File Type, Size of archive, etc. After making all the changes, click on Create Archive button.

download/archival process

6. Now, the download/archival process will start, and it might take several hours (depending on the size of data).

manage archives

This is a lengthy and time-consuming process and might even take a day to complete the entire process. This is the main reason that many experts don’t recommend users to use this method to download Gmail emails with attachments.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have that much time to spare to save all the email messages to the local system. We have an alternative to Google Takeout, which will help users to complete the process at a relatively fast pace. Please read the following section of the article to know more about it.

Download Gmail Emails in Bulk in Best Possible Way

After analyzing various user queries to get the best alternative to Google Takeout, we came up with a third-party solution, like Gmail Backup Tool for Mac. This application is provided by SysTools and performs a full email backup with just a few clicks and in a hassle-free way.

Gmail Backup Tool for Mac

Advanced Features of the Tool

1. Download All Gmail Emails with Attachments – This application allows you to download all Gmail emails along with the associated attachments. It makes sure that all the mail folders like Inbox, Draft, Sent Items, etc. are downloaded to the local system. However, to make the task quick and efficient, one needs a good internet speed.

2. 5 Export Options to Save Data – This feature of the tool gives it an edge over other tools. It offers users five export options to save their data in different formats. The five export options are PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, and EMLX format. Once the users successfully download Gmail emails in bulk to any desired format, they can use the resultant file in any of the supported email applications.

3. Pause & Resume Process – The software allows you to pause and resume the download process. It has the functionality of resume the process if the internet connection is lost in the middle of the backup process. For this, you need to provide login credentials for that account.

Final Words

After analyzing the importance of emails in everyone’s life, the number of cyber-attacks has increased in recent years. It is highly recommended that you have a secure backup of the email account at regular intervals. Therefore, we mentioned a manual and automated way to download Gmail emails in bulk with attachments securely. Users should use the third-party app to make a backup because it is quick and easy to run.