How to Recover And Re-correct of Penalized Sites by Using Panda Algorithm

Panda Algorithm

TechsPlace | A lot of websites resorted to spamming, and this was a big headache for the search engines. Hence many algorithms were put in place to help sift through such websites that had low-quality content and stuffed with keywords. It was a big blow for many of the retail sites, and they could see the slack in sales. As they could be penalized by Google Panda Algorithm.

As an SEO developer, you would have to keep a keen eye to check on the panda algorithm updates that have impacted your site. Usually, the drop in traffic is a sure sign along with the ranking for your keywords have gone down. There may be notifications from the search engine’s end about unnatural links. It’s your wakeup call and that you will have to get your website back on track.

Why the penalty?

When the ranks drop, after the initial shock, you would have to check out ways to fix it. These penalties levied by the search engines can impact the conversions and revenues of the business if not rectified. Google Panda recovery services will help make a detailed audit of the circumstances and analyze the next steps to recovery buy evaluating the following

  • The site’s code
  • Associated backlinks
  • Competitors
  • On-page content

When you have information, it would be easier to get hold of chances for improvement and help recover the lost rankings. There are also special services rendered that help sites who haven’t been employing best SEO practices. Google Panda recovery services offer the best clean up service and help you set course for a plan of action. The penalties are due to

  • Low-quality content
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Excessive advertisements

How to get back?

The road to recovery is tough and many have taken over a year to get back to the rankings that they lost out on because of the updated algorithms. With the help of the Panda Algorithm, you are the site that will be up and about rather quickly than the rest of the affected sites. If you happen to make good use of the services, the sites who have recovered their rankings effectively got back their traffic and experienced an increase as well.

The site has to undergo checks for

  • Duplicate content
  • Poor quality content
  • Block crawlers from reaching non-fixable pages

When you get rid of these issues and work on the content for an appealing one so that the audience can get back to your site as before or perhaps even more.

The backlinks are the issue most of the time. When the sites are not able to get backlinks of certain repute, your site bears the brunt. The Panda services will work on the specific links that hamper your chances some of them maybe

  • Blog links
  • Forum links
  • Article links
  • Paid links
  • Scraper links
  • And many more

The job would include removing those links and get them moved to other pages. This move will result in a loss of short-tailed keywords for your site; this should not get your worried as the services will take care that the current pages won’t have to bear the loss. They will make sure you get trusted links with quality content on your site.

Why you need recovery services?

When the algorithms are imposed on the site, only the relevant sites stay put, but several sites are susceptible if they don’t buckle up and make sure that they follow proper SEO practices. The penalty is very painful as you end up low ranked and your entire marketing plan would go for a toss. Google Panda recovery services help you get back on your feet as they have an effective but complicated plan of recovery.

The need of the hour is to get back to the board and improve on user experience by adopting powerful and admissible SEO techniques that leverage you in a good way in the ranking ladder. There are several strategies that Panda employs to resolve your problem. They would work their way through the basic issues to the more complex ones that got you in the eye of the storm. They would unwind the knots and join the right dots so that your recovery is faster and better.


You will have to be abreast of the latest changes in the google algorithms and make sure that your website is up to date. With the right corrective plan of action and work towards not getting into those areas again.