Inventive, Radical & Futuristic Graphic Design Trends to Rule in 2020

Graphic Design Trends

TechsPlace | Now that we’re into the year 2020, everyone’s pretty excited to know about the latest developments in graphic designs. Indeed, it has always been an admiring and inspiring industry whereas exploring even deeper revealed some of the Graphic Design Trends that’ll surpass expectations. Let’s have a look in detail.

3D & Realistic

The trend of 3D had taken its toll in 2019 and it shows no sign of slowing down this year either. Thanks to highly advanced technology and software competence, we’ll definitely witness deeper, rich and more awesome 3D compositions. To be more innovative and inventive however, designers will need to collaborate with real-life facts like images, 2D objects and more.

Go Monochrome

Graphic and web design agencies lately have been using monochromatic colors for more effective and deeper effects in pictures. Simply consider it a more overhauled yet simpler version of the duotone! The monochrome color palette is widely used on web and graphic designs as well as creative photography when it comes to achieving something different and closer to life.

Shiny, Metallic Elements

Talk about something that went ultra-trendy when it comes to establish a brand identity or incorporate a product design; metallic tones and elements in design rules. As the effect itself grabs attention, you only need to work upon a minimalist overall design and it’s all set.

Creative designers nowadays prefer gold-tone since it reflects luxury, class and a taste for perfection. But you can even achieve the prime objective by the shiny metallic surface over matte in almost any preferred shade.

Branding agencies and specialists simply collaborate on the trend with engravings for a more impressive effect. This approach is more common with business card design services.

Typography Fad

Forward-thinking web design agencies and designers go the extra mile with typography to achieve more innovative and radical compositions. The trend is likely to swelter even further in 2020. Geometrical figures, floral designs, creative splashes, and artistic typography is a perfect recipe to ultimate aesthetic appeal. It’s simply an advanced take on the maxi typography trend from yesteryear and is sure to stand out.

Bold, heavy fonts and letters are more common in web and logo design services, even on the poster and package design. Even here, you’ll see huge letters that extend beyond the usual alignment edges. Yet another emerging trend is the use of twirls, circles, and curves into the usual 2D and 3D designs further supported by stairs, cuboids and even more.

Text & Image Camouflage

Camouflaging or masking the text and image isn’t new to the world of design however, it still accounts for a more modernistic look even in 2020. Since a huge portion of background image remains hidden, the overall feel of mysteriousness and minimalist can be quite creative. Creative designers will keep on coming with text and image masking while sticking to the bold fonts to achieve the desired outcome.

Line Art

In 2018-19, the trend of outlined elements and typography remained amazingly popular only to evolve even further into more animated and creative illustrations of line arts. It’s more of a schematic and abridged illustration style known greatly to clearly communicate ideas and concepts. By looks, it’s clean, elegant and modest being one of the most preferred graphic design trends in 2020.

Images, Drawings, Combination

For quite some time, we’ve seen interesting and creative graphic designs that remind us of the school-age sketching. That said, doodling/sketching began as a fun trend in illustration only to become a huge hit in the world of web and graphic design. It also helps in achieving a more casual, customized, handcrafted and fun composition.

Professional designers have long been combining real-life images with minimal illustrations that replace particular areas of the photograph or simply, interact with it in a more creative way. Much like the doodling trend but greater the creativity, the trend’s a must-have in 2020 due to its influential take on creativity and uniqueness.

Basic Artwork

Incorporating illustration in graphic design has been a traditional practice to creatively communicate ideas and messages in a clearer, better way. In 2020, the trend will remain a top choice allowing designers to give extra focus on the message rather than the art itself. Expect oversimplified, sketchy and more child-like doodles in modern graphic designs.

Isometric Diagrams

Being a trend for many years, isometric illustrations went through several transformations and commonly used in designing infographics, websites and presentation templates. These are highly preferred mostly due to their capability of illustrating 3D objects over the 2D surface. Motion graphics takes the lead in 2020 and the same isometric designs further transform into full animation and highly engaging visual solution.

Natural Earthly Tones

In the 1950s, earthly tones and hand-painted illustrations were more popular which made a huge comeback in today’s modern world. The vintage style of the 50s is now incorporated into creative branding, packaging, typography, and inscription.

Textures & Patterns

The rise of flat web design took over the traditional textures and patters however, we’re seeing their return in a more creative and unique way. The usual patterns and textures today are a mix of several shapes or a particular section of the patter to cover the screen is a new-normal in 2020.

Fluid Designs

In contrast to the geometric shapes with static curves and edges, fluid and more liquid-like shapes emerged, suggesting creativity, agility, and movability. By leaving out the edges, the usual designs achieve a more smooth, soft and innovative look with room for recreation and flexibility. In fact, it’s combined with semi-transparent, bright-colored gradients and animations as a modern graphic design trend in 2020.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

Amazingly impressive and high in diversity, we’re sure to witness radical designs taking color combination, typography and shapes to a new level. From the traditional, retro-style designs to asymmetric shapes and doodle, creativity has no boundary and it’s clearly reflected in modern-day design trends be it a website or any other domain.