How to be on Top of the SEO Game In Year 2017

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TechsPlace | Google has completely reworked its SEO game over the last 3 years. Before 2013 it was comparatively fine to play the search engine’s ranking algorithm, and this fact was easily realized by some of the organizations in the .com world. They started mass-producing low quality content filled with too many keywords to rank higher on the SERPs.

As Google figured it out, it introduced a sequence of infamous wardens cum algorithm updates. These came continuously back to back and now we infamously know them as Hummingbird, Panda & Penguin. These updates were introduced to take down the Black hat SEO specialists and encourage healthy SEO practices. As time passed, these changes contributed significantly to the dawn of the era of semantic research.

With the introduction of new algorithms it became more difficult for existing websites to rank higher in the SERPs. It became more obvious, that Google’s attempts to take out corruption had massive collateral damage. If your website is also facing the new challenges of SEO then it is time you did a double check on the 5 basic rules of Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Age of your website and its content – we are sure that you have noticed, some of the people find it much easier to be placed in the first page of Google search results. Most of us wonder if it has got something to do with high standing reputation, but none of us have courage to ask this obvious question. Our research shows that, it is easier for older sites to be ranked higher. It can be termed as a “trust” factor that makes Google’s decision to change. This is also known as Indexed Age, and this refers to how long ago Google crawled the website’s domain or a web-page. It is very hard that Google discover the website on the date when the domain was originally released, so you need to share your content and share XML sitemaps with Google search engine as soon as you put some content on your website.
  1. Google always prefer quality over quantity – if your website needs content then you might find it difficult to become friend of Google. Google prefers content that is well-to-do in facts, figures and language. You can forget keyword density as long as your content conveys the message right. The Panda update has taught Google to “learn” the context of keywords and keyword variations rather than at random pick out confined phrases. As our new study shows, reproducing old content and duplicating content from other resources can really damage your SEO.
  2. Size does matter – when you have to keep your blog or article on your website within a limit of 500 words we cannot expect you to add all the information you can possibly provide, and Google does not expect you either.This is the only primary reason why Google favors long copies. You will notice a common tendency among all first page rankers; they have all over 2000 words long. But simply expanding your content won’t fool Google. You need to put in some substance to pursue the search engine for a first page ranking. Make sure that you research the content well and stick to the particular topic.
  1. Health of the back-links – according to Google, your website/webpage is more reliable if back-links are healthier. This means all links pointing from healthy sources from around the web shall contribute to beneficial SEO rankings. Google not only cares about your own content, Google also cares about the quality of the websites you are linking with. You should look for websites that are geographically diverse as Google is emphasizing on IP diverse. Featuring a couple of blogs from guest authors from different websites is a good idea to provide you some good quality links.
  1. Your website ready to go mobile yet? – In year 2017 Google is planning on developing love for essential apps and mobile responsive websites. Google has taken with mobile optimization that it helped launch the Mobile Pages on large scale. Although it is taking time, very soon desktop websites will become history.

The easiest way to crack the SEO game is to treat Google on high priority. Give Google enough reasons to hope you, keep your stories fascinating and always be mobile-ready! With these easy 5 rules, no one can stop you from becoming the Search Engine Optimization emperor of 2017.