Importance of SEO for All types of Business

SEO Business Technology

TechsPlace | This fast paced world has made the internet a global village. Our virtual abode where we eat, sleep, works and make merry. In such a virtual world visibility is the key to remain viable and relevant. Here, if you slip into oblivion then you are considered to be extinct. One needs to heard, read and seen here – constantly and vigorously. This holds true for all of us including our business ventures. In order to remain visible we need to increase our visibility on various forums that is…

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How to be on Top of the SEO Game In Year 2017

SEO Techsplace

TechsPlace | Google has completely reworked its SEO game over the last 3 years. Before 2013 it was comparatively fine to play the search engine’s ranking algorithm, and this fact was easily realized by some of the organizations in the .com world. They started mass-producing low quality content filled with too many keywords to rank higher on the SERPs. As Google figured it out, it introduced a sequence of infamous wardens cum algorithm updates. These came continuously back to back and now we infamously know them as Hummingbird, Panda &…

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