How To Track Spam Caller – Truecaller?


TechsPlace | As every smartphone users know that True caller is the best app to identify the unknown caller. Depending on that most of the users are going to use this app for Android as well as for iOS devices. Once you install this app on your phone, then it will provide you the best protection against spam callers and messages. Besides that, some of the hidden features are also present in the Truecaller app which helps you all to protect from various spams. Spams may be received in the source of messages, calls etc. So our main aim is to track or identify those small callers. Though, here I tell about Truecaller app, but it is not the only one app in the market, there are many similar apps like truecaller available..

In this topic, we will show you the features of Truecaller through which you can identify or track Spam callers. These processes are not so very tough to recognize at all. Just user need to get aware to the features and specifications provide by this app. If they know it once then they can configure it on their phone and track the spams easily. Actually, from our point of view Truecaller is the best app to track any spam calls.

Let’s start to discuss the process that how to track the spam callers using the Truecaller app on your phone.

Processes- How to track Spam Caller using Truecaller:

Some of the best features cum processes of Truecaller app are going to mention here to identify the Spam caller. Go through the below-mentioned processes and apply the same on your phone by installing the Truecaller app.

·        Process No.1 – Onscreen Caller Identity:

At first, when you installed the Truecaller app, it will ask you to give the permission to access your contacts. Once the Truecaller app gets the access to your contacts, then it will get sure about your known callers from the contact list. Now besides that if any unknown no. is started to calling on your phone, the integrated Truecaller app will automatically detect that no. in the incoming call screen.

Make sure you need to connect with internet for getting the best result from Truecaller app. Thus the Spam caller or unknown caller identity will get display on your incoming call screen. If that caller is known then save his/her no. otherwise, you can report it as a spam. Such that the Truecaller community will block that no. before it tries to call you again.

·        Process No.2 – Integrated Block List:

The next process or the feature of Truecaller to track the Spam caller is Integrated Block List. Once you download the Truecaller app on your phone it will automatically integrate and access your device location. The main purpose to access the device location is that it will automatically grab the spam caller information nearby you and thus drop it into the block list. As a result, those spam caller won’t able to call on your preferred no. You can visit that block list and watch the Top spammers or unknown caller present nearby you from that list.

·        Process No.3 – Using phone Dial Pad:

Suppose you have one phone number with you and you did not have any idea about that number. In that case, you just connect your phone to the internet and make sure the Truecaller app is installed on your phone. Open the number dial screen and type that unknown number. Once you completed the typing, the Truecaller app will provide you the proper identity of that number before you make calls from your mobile screen. Sometimes in some cases some nos. data do not remain present in the Truecaller directory.

That’s all about the best processes to track Spam Caller from your phone using the Truecaller application. Once you download the Truecaller on your phone, then all the above features you can easily avail through this app for track spam callers. Besides tracking the spam callers, you can also track and block the spam messages from being received in your inbox. Hope you all are satisfied with the current information which we have discussed here the processes to track Spam caller using Truecaller.